2017 Fall September 26 Tuesday

2017 Fall September 26 Tuesday

73 degrees this morning no walk (rain)

Rain last night, ground was wet this morning. Almost walked, but decided not to try it, a good decision as it turns out.

Temperature has dropped to 69 degrees already (about an hour after I got up).

Strange when I don’t walk, I always think “catch some sleep”. For some reason, it normally doesn’t work. I end up basically just meditating if I try to sleep during he time I normally walk. There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not sleep.

My usual patter is to get up and than piddling, walking, weights etc. shower and the journal take about 2 hours, maybe up to 2 1/4, depending on how much I piddle.

Then I always take a nap, or, lately, a series of naps before I eat breakfast and go to work. I don’t think there is anyway I could continue my day without a short nap!

I couldn’t go on without a nap or naps after I write in the journal, sometimes I am falling asleep as I finish the journal if I am taking more time than usual. (That is the reason for some occasional embarrassing typos in my journal that a review doesn’t catch!)

I guess patterns are difficult to break. I always feel a little unsettled when I don’t walk. I thought about going to the gym when it is raining etc., but somehow it just isn’t the same.

Also, with “hypertime” in the morning, where time seems to go so much faster, I”m not sure if I could fit going to the gym in my early morning routine!

I won’t weigh in on the current controversy (concerning sports and political activity), especially concerning National Anthem, except to mention the lying bully coward shouldn’t be involved in the matter. Fortunately he is getting substantial feedback to that effect.

That is following his normal routine of “liar in chief” and “divider in chief” and his apparent delusional thoughts and actions.

I am listening to the book “The Courage to Act” by Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Fed during the period in 2007 etc. when the banking system failed.

I don’t know what I think about his actions, sometimes (as he notes in the title) you just have to do what you think is right.

However it did reinforce my feeling that so many of the businesses (and politicians etc.) praise the virtues of “competition” and the rewards of taking risks, until they feel the pinch of their “risk taking’ when the squeal for “relief” instead of saying “that’s the way the system works” and accepting the consequences of their mistakes. Of course the workers always get the “consequences” of lay offs, pay cuts etc. but not the ones who made the mistakes or were too greedy in the first place.

Like he says, so many like to play the “heads I win, tails you lose” game, and only like it when then win or when they can pay off the politicians so they win all the time.

It almost literally makes you sick to see how the banks and mortgage companies made a big game out of mortgages etc. (and are now doing it again with the delusional lack of regulations) and basically got away with stealing literally billions or dollars without any punishment, many of them still have their high paid jobs!


That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 26, 2017.


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