2017 Fall September 27 Wednesday

2017 Fall September 27 Wednesday

61 degrees this morning, no walk, rain.

Rain all of yesterday and probably all night, still raining now. As noted, the temperature has also taken a major drop.

I definitely am not unhappy about not walking in the 61 degree temperature, although I would have liked to walk this morning.

After two days of slow soaking rain, I decided to turn off the sprinkler system, which will save some money as well as avoid more wasteful use of water just to keep grass unnaturally green.

However, it also is a another marker that the Summer of 17 is over.

Today is a “field day”, so I am “looking forward” to an especially miserable day in the rain, although it isn’t really that bad.

Trying to read some new fiction and non-fiction occasionally. One rule I have, if I keep falling asleep while reading a book, it is probably time to stop reading it. Time is limited and I have lost any ambition I ever had to finish every book I start just as a matter of self-discipline. As I mentioned previously, not just rigidly not quitting, but quitting before I invest too much time and energy in a book that just isn’t for me is just a good use of time.

As with anything, knowing when to quit is difficult, but at some point it is just time to quit, whether it is a book or project.

Speaking of quitting, I am occasionally asked when I am going to retire. It makes me think about a friend of ours who was about the age I am now and he didn’t want to retire because he didn’t feel he could keep busy or interested in doing something. I actually think he could of, but it is a matter of perception.

In my case, I don’t think I would have any problem keeping busy after I retire. It just is’t really time yet.

I know I kind of perceived my current job as a “semi-retirement” in that I don’t work more than 40 hours per week or have to attend night meetings or work on weekends etc., but the extra time disappeared and I feel like I have less time now than I did before even though I work a lot fewer hours!

I think perhaps when I have more time, it provides more opportunities for other projects, so it could be that the more time I have, the less time I have since more projects are possible! Or something like that.

As far as unfinished projects, there is a lot to be said for just jumping in and doing it and don’t worry about being perfect in getting it done or the time it takes. Last night I jumped in and finished some projects for an organization I belong to and I basically finished it in a relatively short time.

Now I need to tackle organizing my office! Of course that is also a matter of daily organization also. I am trying to learn to “toss” paper after I complete the computer entries which gets rid of a lot of paper. The compulsion to keep a backup is probably one of the biggest reasons for disorganization.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 27, 2017.


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