2017 Fall September 28 Thursday

2017 Fall September 28 Thursday

61 degrees this morning, still some rain. No walk, schedule and rain

Rain so much I am starting to wonder if I need to get a boat! Actually, for the most part it has been a light soaking rain.

Thought yesterday it has been 20 years since my Mom passed away on September 27 and actually I learned about it on September 28. Twenty years, time is relative in a lot of ways, but it continues to go on.

One of those situations where you can remember everything in exact detail.

Received an e-mail about Bernanke (listening to his book The Courage to Act) and how many of his actions were really counterproductive for the economy. I don’t disagree, I am trying to think what I would have done in a similar situation or at least an appropriate response.

In one of those strange coincidences, I heard Jim Kramer on “Mad Money”, make a negative comment about Bernanke (at least the situation response). It was actually last nights program, I was watching a copy this morning while I write this.

I also think the previous ten years were a major part of the problem, as mortgage companies and banks took what they felt were “guaranteed” profits and then didn’t have to accept the consequences of their decisions.

I can remember the ads saying “credit not checked” and wondered how they could ever make a loan without checking the credit. (Called “liar loans” now.)

Of course the idea was they could made huge fees and then pass the risk and bad debts off on someone else.

Read in web site about someone in our general addition (not our area) with snakes in their house. Hoping my friend, the opossum is hard at work!

Really weird dream yesterday.


Strange bizarre dream.

Aliene and I were in “our” house (in the dream), apparently redoing it.

We looked outside and saw a very small car parked in our driveway, painted almost like someone had painted it with a brush.

Next we noticed a big huge old pickup parked right at our front window.

Aliene answered the door and a very small woman, with a head kind of like a chicken came in and started complaining about something We couldn’t understand her.

Next somehow we were outside and the man in the pickup (who was naked) had jumped into our house through a window he broke, although in the dream, it was a big square hole in the side

I rushed in yelling “hey sir”, get out or I’ll call the police.

I woke up, half believing it was real until I realized it was a dream.

That’s it of now, Thursday, September 28, 2017.


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