2017 Fall September 29 Friday

2017 Fall September 29 Friday

61 degrees this morning. Regular walk, no time

Good walk this morning despite the cool air. For some reason (perhaps out of he habit after 3 days!), I failed to stop the watch when I finished my walk. Totally disgusted at myself!

However, even if there is no official record of my walk, I still walked at whatever pace I may have walked. (I probably need to rush down and shut off the watch or it probably won’t recharge very fast, although I have never had any problem with the battery on the watch).

It is always frustrating to forget to do some basic task that is so routine that you should automatically do it, but it is easy to do. I know, I have been doing it all my life and have developed little routines to help me avoid such actions (or inactions).

Actually I am glad it doesn’t happen more. One of my best routines is the “silent butler” , which is basically just an area where I ALWAYS put my wallet, keys, jewelry , phones etc. Works well as long as I remember to put it in it’s place. The times you don’t do it help you remember!

While I believe that sports play way too big a role in our society, I still find it hard not be be disgusted and overreact when one of “my teams” doesn’t make the playoffs, especially when it is poor playing.

I do get over it fast though and realize it is just entertainment.

The recent NCAA “shoe scandal” is hardly surprising, too much money tends to lead to temptation to break the rules. It is too bad some coaches and players allowed themselves to betray their trust by “big money” for what ultimately will be trivial money compared to what they would have made by being honest.

Same with the people who close their eyes to obvious ethical abuses (and now discovered legal violations they can’t ignore) by coaches who “win”, now it may be obvious they won because they cheated.

Of course, it’s not just sports, look at Wall Street, where someone making millions of dollars cheats and breaks the law just to make a few more dollars. Ditto with politicians and probably a lot of other areas where it is hard to believe people can’t accept what they have when it is already much more than most people have.

The library system here recently extended the “check-out” time for books. It has made it much easier to try to finish reading a book, although the time still goes fast.

As I have mentioned, I have been trying reading some different fiction and non-fiction I normally would not read. Some of them I soon realize why I normally don’t read them. Some types of fiction are just not for me, no matter how highly acclaimed etc. it may be.

Of course, if worst comes to worst, I can always just pay the fine, but there are probably some ethnical considerations in that, plus I don’t like the idea of having to pay a “fine” for not bring the library book back on time! It kind of defeats the purpose of a public library.

That’s it for now, Friday, September 29, 2017.


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