2017 Fall September 30 Saturday

2017 Fall September 30 Saturday

62 degrees this morning, walk 34:45 minutes

Oddly enough seemed cooler this morning than yesterday morning when the temperature was 61 degrees. Of course, as far as my walk is concerned, I only notice the coolness for the first minute or so when the physical exercise wakes me up.

Pace this was 1 second below my goal. Of course that counts as beating my goal, but 1 second slower than my goal means I met my goal, not that I didn’t meet my goal!

Writing this on my desktop Mac this morning (which actually is a lot better computer, just not as convenient).

In a momentary lapse, I forgot to plug in my laptop last night. I cleaned the screen and left it open so it would dry completely and forgot to plug it in. Live and learn!

My situation yesterday where I forgot to shut off my watch reminds me again to avoid jumping to conclusions and “assuming” something or stereotyping something.

When my walk statistics wouldn’t come up, I was blaming the watch, the iPhone, Apple and everything else until I thought through my actions and realized I was completely at fault!

It really emphasizes to me again, not to jump to conclusions, don’t “assume” anything without checking out and avoid stereotyping.

I keep reminding myself that these actions are laziness and failure to properly analyze a situation before making a decision.

I know from experience that, due to time constraints, you frequently have to “assume” something, but I know I have to be very careful in what I assume.

Another weird dream that I wrote down.

9-29-17 Dream

Dreamed I had a new job (as City Manager) and I went someplace with one of the Council Members.

For some reason, we took my car. I don’t recall, but he ended up driving and we we went to another City. (Seemed like Chanute, Kansas, someplace I lived). Why that city I”ll never know.

Anyway, he drove to the city, I may have napped on the way since I was thinking I didn’t remember the trip

When we arrived, he said he’d meet me at the restaurant. For some reason, he took off and I dallied around in the car. When I started, I realized I didn’t know where he had gone.

I went into a restaurant with a buffet and picked up a menu. I waled into a very dark restaurant and thought I recognized him and sat down at a table. After a few seconds I realized it was not him. I got up. In one section people were playing slot machines.

I gave my memo back to the person in front, advised I couldn’t find the person I was looking for and walked out.

I saw some kind of small car or a remote control car or drone, and some other devices by the front door. The main “car” w as a bright green and my first thought was it was too small for anyone to ride in.

I went to the car and was thinking what a poor impression I was making if I had lost him. I went to another restaurant (unclear or don’t remember the type etc.)

Thought about walking around looking at the other restaurants, but decided not to. For some reason I didn’t have his cell phone number and I don’t know why he wouldn’t know my cell phone number.

I thought about calling the City Hall of the city but thought they wouldn’t give me his cell phone number since they didn’t recognize me.

I was starting to get worried when I woke up, and it took me a while to realize it was only a d dream. It took me a bit to realize (with relief) it was just a dream.

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 30, 2017.


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