2017 Fall October 1 Sunday

2017 Fall October 1 Sunday

67 degrees this morning, walk 34:56 minutes.

Actually warmer this morning, although it still feels cool out, dressed for cooler weather.

Thought about sitting on the patio, but …. not quite that warm! Have to wait and see if I will be able to sit on the patio (in the early morning) again before late next Spring.

Pace was 14 seconds slower than my goal. Somehow, the goal must be about right, although I still wonder changing the goal (lower) would provide a psychological change in my walking speed.

October 1, the year is just speeding by.

Thinking about my unfinished projects, one project is taking picture of my “Hot Wheels” and hats.

While I make occasional progress, on the the major problems is that I’ not really satisfied with the quality of my pictures and I haven’t found the right setup to take the pictures, with the right lighting etc.

I believe it is a matter of sacrificing quality for getting the project done. I think getting the project done is important, but I”d like the pictures to be reasonably good also.

Ditto with the hats, although the picture isn’t quite as difficult. For this project, it is just a matter of showing he right angle etc.

It has developed into the age-old matter of do I finish the project just to finish it, or do I take my time and do it in the manner I feel like it should be done? In this matter, there are no deadlines, other than self-imposed.

Recently I purchased three shirts from Men’s Wearhouse at what I thought was a good price on a “2 for 1” sale, which I figured was their best price so I bought 3 shorts (They were 2 for 1 and you could purchase additional at 50% off.)

I was astounded to get an e-mail yesterday saying the shirts were on sale now for 3 for the price I had paid for two, which means I had paid a substantial amount more than the special sale.

In addition to feeling like I had been taken, I also now wander about the quality of the shirts. I decided I will never buy any more clothes from Men’s Wearhouse since I have doubts about the quality their product as well as feeing like I have been taken by them and I will always be suspicious about the quality of the shirts. .

A good reason never to trust a company.

A related comment about one of my credit card companies, Citibank. They trumpet a benefit called “price rewind” where supposedly they will pay the difference if you find a better price within 60 days (if you use their credit card).

Of course, there are so many “got cha” small print exceptions and rules, you never really receive any meaningful refund. In fact, in regard to a iPad we bought for my wife and my desktop computer, the differences were substantial, but for some mysterious reasons they were “not approved”.

Of course, also, by some mysterious procedure, I was never notified of the reason (although they advised me they had “sent a letter” that I never received in both cases.

I really think they had more claims then they expected so they suddenly found “exceptions” to their promise.

Doesn’t do a lot for my faith in either company.

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 1, 2017.


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