2017 Summer October 2 Monday

2017 Fall October 2 Monday

70 degrees this morning, walk 35:01 minutes

First and most important, Happy Birthday to Aliene! This is the 20th of her birthdays we have celebrated together!

Warmed up some over the weekend, 70 degrees is a difficult temperature to decide how to dress etc. Wind was up a little, making it cooler.

Still, it was excellent weather for a walk, and I really enjoyed it.

Pace was two seconds below (faster than) my goal.

I seem to almost always be within 15 seconds or closer on my goal pace. As I have noted, I don’t know if that means it is basically a “correct goal” or if it just means it is a comfortable zone for me.

Just heard about the shootings in Las Vegas, 20 dead, 100’s injured. Not sure what we can do about it, but it seems that something could be done. Hard to imagine the sub-animal people who do such things. Worse yet, the people who financially support such activities.

Start of the work week, as I mentioned, the weekend sped by. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like to be “retired” and not have a defined schedule. Of course, even when I “retire”, I plan on doing something that will have some type of schedule.

Preparing for a speech at Toastmasters tonight. Every time I prepare and present a speech, I am aware again of the effort that goes into every speech and other roles at the meeting.

There is always a big difference between giving a “manual speech” and a “non-manual speech”. As expected, it is is a lot more difficult to prepare and present a “manual speech” that it is to make a “non-manual speech”.

Even if you are kind of loose about following the manual for a manual speech, it is much more difficult to do a manual speech I always an enthused when I sign up but than as the week goes by and the meeting approaches, i usually lose some of my enthusiasm.

Like everything, I feel it is better to have the discipline of following he manual and making variations as necessary.

That’s it for now, Monday, October 2, 2017.


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