2017 Fall October 5 2017

2017 Fall October 5 Thursday

72 degrees this morning. Walk 35:22 minutes

Rain almost all day yesterday, heavy at times. Glad it was an “office day” for me! Rain makes “field day” very difficult.

The weather app was saying rain this morning also, but at it didn’t rain, at least while I was walking and it still is’t raining. Somehow, I think my weather app is stuck in another location or it is wrong a lot.

Pace was 18 seconds slower than my goal pace. I knew this morning I wasn’t walking at a high lope as they say, so it didn’t surprise me. Humidity was 94%.

Surprised to learn that Formula 1 races will be on ESPN etc. next year rather than the NBC Sports or whatever it is. One of the things I like about the Formula 1 races is the quirkily announcers (my terms) and was originally one reason I started watching them.

Hopefully they wont’t try to hype it up and make it something it isn’t in an attempt to become just another slick sports event.

I always thought that sports were be a lot better without the announcers, so many times they interfere with the event. A very few enhance it.

Frankly, we have enough slick sports events which, if you really think about it, is basically meaningless.

I was surprised the other day when the local paper used almost 75% of the front page to announce a contract extension (or something like that) for the local pro basketball team.

I realize the impact of a pro major league team on a city, but it seems they are overreacting q bit to basically what is a contrived game. I don’t have anything against it, except when the cable tv fees are increased to pay for something I never watch!

Actually, it always surprises me the relatively low percentage of the population that watches or follows sports. The news coverage makes you think it is a lot more important than it actually is.

I saw something on Facebook the other day that I knew was an absolute lie. It was supposedly from an “internet newspaper”. I have learned not to believe anything I read or see unless is it on one of the “legitimate” news sources. It seems that advertisers would be more careful in what type of material they support.

In this case, it was so stupid that anyone should have known it was a lie, but it was accepted as true by a lot of people, who probably wanted to believe it could happen or had happened.

Hopefully the day will be relatively dry, I think there has been enough rain fro awhile.

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 5, 2017


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