2017 Fall October 6 ,027

2017 Fall October 6 Friday

71 degrees this morning, walk 35:07 minutes

71 degrees actually felt hot this mooning during my walk. Not any wind, which could have been the difference.

Pace was 7 seconds slower than my goal, which I basically consider as meeting the goal.

Of course that brings up the question of “what is the line”. If I consider 7 seconds slower acceptable, why not 8 seconds, 23 seconds or 58 seconds?

I actually deal with that every day on where you draw the line before you go to the next step. Most “lines” aren’t as clear as a a time. Once I go past the time, I think I have to simply say I didn’t meet the goal that day, rather it is one second of 2 minutes.

Firm criteria are nice to have, but in most cases I have found that they really aren’t appropriate in many cases and that is where the “human” aspect comes in.

I think robots are great, but I think they have their limitations, and one of the limitations will be limited flexibility in making decisions.

I have seen “robot thinking” in the work place where the rules are made for the “exceptions” and not for the “regular ethical behavior” of most employees and it severely limits productivity and creativity. This “robot thinking” is by human beings of course.

Perhaps I am not being fair to robots here! Actually, the type of thinking that seems to prevail in some workplaces is not “robot thinking”. but inflexible human behavior and assumptions about human behavior, perhaps based on what they would think they would do.

Actually, I am surprised the use of robots hasn’t advanced more than it has based on predictions when I was young.

Perhaps the limitations on “flexible” situations has been as difficult for robot development as it has been for human being decision making.

I don’t know really what I expected. Unlike “self driving cars”. I really thought “self driving” cars would be reality by the mid to late 60’s, instead of driving the same basic concept (although much improved) even in 2017.

Over 20 years ago, it had been feasible for some time to control an airplane from takeoff to landing without human intervention, so it has always puzzled me on why there has’t been more products developed on that concept.
Weekend is almost here again. Seems like the week has just started and it is Friday already!

That’s it for now, Friday, October 6, 2017.


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