2017 Fall October 7 Saturday

2017 Fall October 7 Saturday

65 degrees this morning, no walk (rain and lightning)

A little surprised this morning that it was raining again. Actually the forecast is by daylight it will be over.

Thinking this morning about the “Community meetings” we had when I was a kid, when everyone gathered together and the adults would meet ad discuss whatever they discussed and we kids would just go and play.

I think I thought of it due to the intergenerational aspect of it (I think that is the correct term). while things change, they remain somewhat the same. Children continue to play and adults continue to do their thing.

I think the “picture project” (scanning photos to the internet) both in the pictures and also in the fact that our granddaughters are doing it made me ponder on it.

In many cases the pictures are getting close to (or are over) 100 years old and I have to think that the persons in the pictures would probably never have even imagined what the world would be like today.

Probably just like we cannot imagine how the world will be even 20 years from now, much less than 100 years!

Of course, any progress has frequently had a reaction that is frequently regressive (look at todays events for proof of that!), so you never know.

October will include a City Managers conference and a visit to a Formula 1 race (for one day qualifying, not the actual race). Should be interesting. I am enjoying planning for it anyway!

It will be nice to go to the conference and see people I have seen for years and it also will be good to catch up on some of the latest thought and techniques for cities, even though I’m not directly involved right now.

Comparing my two “careers”, I have to say I enjoyed both of them and I have been lucky in finding work I enjoy. I also have experienced both aspects of an organization, from running one to being a cog in one.

I would have regretted not experiencing either career, there certainly are benefits to both.

We rarely or almost never watch any “live” events, even sports. Since I really don’t read the sports pages and can’t stand the “sports talk” shows, we can usually watch the taped versions without “spoilers”, although it does happen.
It has surprised us that while pro football and pro basketball (which we don’t watch, although I do normally watch the football playoffs) and college football (which we do watch several favorite teams) have frequently “spoilers” notifications, thus far anyway, we have been able to watch the MLB playoffs without “spoiler” notifications.

It may indicate a lack of interest in MLB playoffs, or whatever, but we have noticed the lack of “notifications” of MLB playoff scores versus college football, and pro football etc.

Of course, we are happy about it, for whatever the reason.

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 7, 2017.


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