2017 Fall October 8 Sunday

2017 Fall October 8 Sunday

55 degrees this morning 34:55 minutes walk

Coolest morning of the year thus far. First time I haven’t worn shorts since mid May of this year. Probably not as cool as I feared, but I like to be ready! I’d rather be too hot than too cold.

The wind was down this morning, so it didn’t seem that cool.

Pace was 9 seconds faster than my goal pace, which is good.

Recently read about how “for profit” Charter Schools are just literally stealing millions if not billions of dollars by not teaching students and turning in students as “attending” rather than absent.

In some cases, the newspaper investigation indicated they turned in 40 students attending, when there were four and one of them was sleeping. I am sure it is a common practice, the con men and thieves find an easy rip off.

Multiple this by a 1,000 similar rip offs or 10,000 and a lot of money is wasted. I can remember how the “for profit” schools ripped off the student loan program, getting tuition and then not providing an education. The beat continues.

Of course, meanwhile the extortionist/criminal “de vice” who earned her billions on an illegal pyramid scheme continues to attack public schools and rip off education funds for herself and her cronies.

Makes you enraged, especially since human lives are being affected by her criminal activities. Hopefully she won’t destroy the education system like she did in Michigan by bribing state legislatures with contributions and extortion type activities.

Meanwhile, the response to documented theft by the part of the”for profit” so called education company was basically, “oh my gosh, we’ll have to look at that” by the so called “regulators”.
Not only is it adversely affecting students for their entire life so thieves can rip off the system with the blessing of the federal government but it puts a bad light on the legitimate Charter schools. (I doubt there are very many legitimate for profit Charter schools.)

Indeed most of the “for profit” Charter schools appears to be designed to rip off the maximum in public funds, a real shame since it hurts the students.

Another recent scandal I read was “diversion” programs where instead of prison, persons with drug (and I assume alcohol) problems are sent to supposedly “diversion” treatment programs rather than prison.

Sounds good, except an investigation indicated it basically ended up being a slavery program where they worked for “chicken factories” at no pay and received little if any treatment for their programs.

Basically the “criminal injustice” system is in cahoots with chicken factories and judges to provide slaves to work in chicken factories.

It is so outrageous I wouldn’t have believed it except was in a legitimate state newspaper and I researched it and found it was true, and may even be worse than described.

Again, the response in this state (as with the federal response for charter school ripoff) “oh my gosh, we are gong to have to get around to looking at this”.

I am going to keep researching this, this is really outrageous and is an abuse of the system.

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 8, 2017.


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