2017 Fall October 9 Monday

2017 Fall October 9 Monday

67 degrees this morning, walk 34:39 minutes

67 degrees is a tough temperature to dress for especially when it follows a 55 degrees morning followed by a warm day.

Dressed a little warm, but otherwise was an excellent walk.

Pace was 4 seconds slower than the goal. While I can’t say I met my goal, since I didn’t, this certainly falls into the realm of when something generally meets my goal.

Overall nice weekend, wish it had been a three day weekend! I could have used an extra day this weekend.

While I don’t like having to worry about bad weather, one thing I like about this time of year is the holidays! From Veterans Day through Presidents Day, I have 7 Holidays.

As I have mentioned before, while I like my work, I also like the weekends and holidays!

The situation in Washington D.C. is really getting bad when the slimy snake Vice Presidents wastes almost an entire day, $250,000 in plane costs, plus unknown costs for security, football tickets, extra cost of having him around etc. to make some “point” which no one really cares about.

Another game by the lying coward bully. He is really showing his coward part as he cowers behind twitter, throwing out vicious lying personal insults, too gutless to talk with anyone personally.

A real embarrassment to America, what a despicable, low life coward hypocrite.

As Senator Corker says, I just hope we can survive until this lunatic is out of office, hopefully very soon by impeachment or removal for his mental illnesses by the 25th amendment. Hopefully Senator Corker can cast the vote for conviction of his impeachment.

What is really scary is the “Nazi Syndrome”, where people kow tow to the lying bully coward hoping they can say later “I was only following orders”. Not good enough.

I was really ashamed to see the FEMA Director abandon his professional ethics and his probably his personal ethics in a desperate attempt to keep his job as he made fun of a Mayor calling for help.

He should be fired and not allowed to serve in any responsible position, and expelled from his professional organizations. I really couldn’t believe that he was blowing off and making fun of the Mayor while his agency is obviously incompetent and is unable or unwilling to do his job.

He needs to get off the morning tv shows and do his job.

No water, no food, no utilities and the slimy snake Vice President wasting $250,000 and time that could have gone to providing food and water to desperate people. What a bunch of hypocrites.

That’s it for now, Monday, October 9, 2017.

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