2017 Fall October 11 Wednesday

2017 Fall October 11 Wednesday

45 degrees this morning, walk 35:29 minutes

Obviously was a “cool” walk this morning. Not really all that bad, I dressed fairly lightly, but my walk got me warmed up.

I have never paid a lot of attention to humidity before (other than to realize when it is hot and humid). It was 93% humidity this morning so I wasn’t sure how it would affect the cold weather, although I expect it would make it seem cooler.

Pace was 17 seconds slower than my goal. I thought maybe I would walk faster in cold weather to help keep me warm, but apparently that is not the case, at last it wasn’t this morning.

My Apple Watch will soon be one year old (I can check the exact day!). I have been more than happy with it. My only regret is I had other watches I enjoyed wearing, but I don’t want to wear two watches.

Perhaps another regret is that I haven’t spent more time learning what it can do, but it does do what I want it too.

I probably need to try to learn one new thing the watch does at least on a weekly basis. Then if it is something I don’t need, I can just drop it.

Probably ought to do the same thing with my computers etc. also. I feel like I am using about 5% of the capacity available to me and it seems such a waste. On the other hand, if I don’t need it…..

I think my real concern is that there are a number of programs/apps I would use if I knew about them/how to use them. I feel like I may be missing something!

Anyway I am very glad I got the watch and especially the model I did. It has been very beneficial.

I still need to upgrade it to the new Watch IOS, which I think will make it more valuable. (The IOS upgrades are free.)

I really don’t plan on upgrading it for several years, it is basically doing the job I waned.

I need (or at least like to think I need) to go through all of my clothes with the intention of either wearing it, tossing/donating it or something else. Unfortunately “something else” is the catch, since there are so may things you have for even a “one time” or once per year event, or something you are going to wear or use “sometime”!

Also, I need to resume throwing out other items I will never use or can easily and cheaply replace. It doesn’t make a lot of sense dragging an item around on the thought that “some day” I will use it.

This is one of those mornings when I got sleepy, I hope don’t make too many mistakes or confusing thoughts!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 11, 2017.


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