2017 Fall October 14 Saturday

2017 Fall October 14 Saturday

75 degrees this morning, walk 35:21 minutes

Windy this morning, but good walking weather. The Fall coolness is in the air, even at 75 degrees.

Sitting on patio this morning, probably the last, or one of the last times until late Spring in May 2018. Scary thought that May 2018 is even that close but also so far away!

As I mentioned about the walk, there is a coolness in the air, even at 75 degrees that wasn’t there earlier in the Summer. The wind may have something to do with it.

Pace was 13 seconds slower than my goal. Generally I accept 15 seconds allowance as generally meeting my goal, although if I take a hard line, I would have to say I didn’t meet my goal.

Kind of makes me wonder about goals in general, first of all, how valid is my goal in the first place? And does it really make any difference?

Perhaps my basic subconscious (and maybe conscious) feeling is that a goal isn’t something you meet all the time, or it is just a measurement, not a goal.

One the other hand, there really isn’t any use is setting a goal I will never reach either!

Perhaps my goal should be just to finish my walk or increase my walk a certain amount each month, or whatever.

Actually, I like the length of my walk, it isn’t too long and, hopefully, isn’t too short.

Going through my address book (on my computer) deleting contacts I don’t remember or don’t care to remember. Not depressing at all, actually it helped me feel good about the number of contacts I am still in contact with or at least could be in contact with.

What surprised me, and the reason I just kept some of them, was how a contact could bring back memories of someone I hadn’t even thought of for years, especially people like a resident who I talked to once of twice about a problem. Memory is strange!

While I think my contact list is, for all intents and purposes, infinite (scary thought), I still like to occasionally go through and sort out the ones there is no sense leaving on my contact list as well as check for address updates etc.

I have been using my contact list in my work, finding that a little bit of upfront time can really save time down the road as well as make me more efficient.

Thinking about efficiency, I wonder if you are “efficient” at doing something the wrong way, is that good or bad? I guess if it leads to leading to a bad result or product more “efficiently”, it wouldn’t be a good!

Maybe that is why it is good to have well reasoned goals, since there is no reason having a goal which doesn’t make any sense or that makes something worse.

Hopefully the relatively warm weather will continue, nice to sit on the patio as I write this.

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 14, 2017.


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