2017 Fall October 15 Sunday

2017 Fall October 15 Sunday

55 degrees this morning, walk 34:48 minutes

Obviously much colder this morning than yesterday morning, I felt it as I walked. I am glad I sat on the patio yesterday morning when I had the chance!

Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal pace.

Updated all of my phones etc. yesterday to the new IOS. Now the real work begins tying to figure out what all it does and how it differs. The only real problem came in updating an old iPad , but it worked out ok.

I haven’t updated my watch, I will try to do that today.

It appears they made a lot of enhancements to “Notes” which is good since I depend so much on Notes.

I have found that most of the basic programs and apps on he iPhone work well and I don’t need to hassle with other apps for basic functions like calendars, contacts, “to do”’s etc.

Probably many of the apps do a more comprehensive job etc., but I don’t feel it is worth the time and hassle figuring them out, plus they add a small amount of time and complexity that adds up.

I am still tying to place he role of “Evernote” in my daily life. It always seems to have a lot of potential, but I never really do anything with it. Anyway, I decided rather than worry about not using it, I am going to determine what I need and use whatever will do he job best for me.

After at least either nine years with Evernote, I still haven’t figured out the role of it in my life. Maybe it doesn’t have a role.

I decided the best way to handle new programs and apps is to find one thing I want to to do or accomplish with it and go to the internet or whoever and learn how to do that one thing well. Than I will see if I use it enough to make it worthwhile to keep.

One device I have purchased that is really worth it is the Air Pods. I use them a lot more than I thought I would, They are good both for hand-free conversations n the office, listening etc. I have been very pleased with them.

Still haven’t decided when I will upgrade to the iPhone X. I’m know I’m not going to do anything for awhile, until at least after Thanksgiving.

One thing I dread is moving is transferring everything to the new hone, although they have made it a lot easier as the years by and it is relatively painless.

The only thing I haven’t really been able to transfer is the ring tones I snipped from music. One of my projects is to take my old desktop computer and put it next to the music keyboard so I will be more likely to use it to compose music, complete transferring my ring tones etc.

October is already half over, it just seems like it started!

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 15, 2017


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