2017 Fall October 16 Monday

2017 Fall October 16 Monday

46 degrees this morning, walk 35:07 minutes

Coldest of the season this morning, I believe. Actually wasn’t that bad once I got moving. For the first time I felt a little unease during the walk as I heard some “hoot owls” and remember how in frontier days could mean you were being followed!

I looked up hoot owls just to be sure I had the name right. I was surprised at a video that shoed there mouth moved while “hooting”. Logically that would be so, somehow I never thought about how they made the sound.

Pace was 14 seconds slower than my goal.

Finished up the upgrades of the phones etc and the watch. The watch took a lot longer than I expected to upgrade although the process seemed to work well.

Weekend is over and “work week” starts again. The weekend seems to go fast, but the workweek does also!

Major League Baseball playoffs are here and we have the problem of two of our favorite teams playing each other. We generally take the attitude that we just hope each team does it’s best.

We have four teams we generally watch or at least follow.

Dream yesterday,. A little confusing but a very symbolic dream.s


Sunday morning dream.

Dreamed I was attending a scheduled meeting at work.

When I walked into the room all of the doors leading out had been replaced by new metal doors.

Someone walked out and I was able to slip into the office area. When I tried to leave, I found all of the doors leading into the conference room were the top that had no handles.

Somehow (as you do in dreams) I too to another area and a tall lady (with here hat I couldn’t see her face) and tattoos told me she would help me. Handbag swas haped like some type of animal (a possum”) or actually had a live one.

She gave me a map. I walked out and went up a staircase. There were lots of roos with people in them, but not my meeting room.

I realized the map she had given me had turned to newspapers. I threw the newspapers away in a cream can style wastebasket wondering why they had such an inconvenient wastebasket.

Still couldn’t find the meeting room.

Suddenly I was i a huge room and all of the doors did not have handles. I was the only one in the room

I realized I was missing the emceeing and I was thinking I needed e-mail my supervisor and explain as well as complain about the lack of communicate that the meeting was not in the room it was supposed to be in
There was a lot of stairs as I walked around looking.

I woke up and it took me for awhile it was only a dream

the symbolism in the dream is rather simple and understandable, to say the least!

That’s it for now,, Monday, October 16, 2017


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