2017 Fall October 17 Tuesday

2017 Fall October 17 Tuesday

46 degrees this morning walk 35:29 minutes

Apparently starting to get somewhat used to cooler weather, or at least so that I know how to dress for this weather.

For some reason my pace was 31 seconds slower than my goal. That is a significant difference, although it may just be a reaction to the cold weather and dressing different.

Or it could even be a reaction to what I am listening to or the way I am dressing warmer for cold weather. I have noticed that when I listen to music, the faster the music, the faster I walk!

One thing the new Watch IOS has is a more detailed report on your heart beat. Instead of just an average, it gives you a little chart, with the high heartbeat, low and average. Of course, I immediately wonder why my heartbeat was faster for a short period of time! Not high, just higher than the average.

The development of immediate feedback on your heartbeat, blood pressure etc. is interesting since it is so easy to read too much into the findings, but on the other hand, you don’t want to ignore any warning signs either. Probably will drive Doctors crazy with all the questions but they may prefer the new interest in health!

Completing listening to the book by Ben Bernaneke. Whether you agree with him or not, I was surprised to note that one of the major criminal companies of the era, AIG was released by all regulation by the lying bully coward’s “no regulations” administration.

While I agree there can be too much regulation, the business community (unfortunately like all sectors) has shows a distinct lack of ethics, and emphasis on greed and a policy of wholesale “cut regulations” is insane and I expect will lead to another crisis after several years.

Fortunately extremism usually corrects itself and (in the perspective of time) those two criminals along with the lying bully coward will soon be gone and their policies reversed. Unfortunately the low quality of judges being appointed (or who purchased their positions with “political contributions”) will last for a considerable longer time.

It is scary to read about the the policy and laws that allows persons to be assigned to “drug diversion” programs where they basically become slaves for private companies with little or no drug treatment.

It is hard to believe that such a program is being allowed to continue in our society without high profile criminal charges.

Maybe it is a case where the “slaves” can use the legal system to stop the practice.

Ditto with the “for profit” education companies who are allowed to charge for “no shows” with only lame “we’ll look into it” by the officials who are supposed to enforce the law.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 17, 2017.


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