2017 Fall October 18 Wednesday

2017 Fall October 18 Wednesday

56 degrees this morning, walk 35:07 minutes

Gradually getting used to the coolish air. Don’t like it, but getting used to it. Difficult to realize probably no more hot weather until late May of 2018 (with some warm days of course).

This year, we are planning on taking a break in mid-year and going to some warm weather for a week or so!

Difficult to imagine how we used to just take off for a week or so, and maybe, just maybe call back once or twice and send a postcard.

Now, with cellphones, I don’t even like to walk outside without my cell phone on me! In fact, if I go upstairs I try to make sure I have it!

Nothing wrong with it, actually I think things are a lot safer, as long as you don’t text and drive or get too involved in a phone conversation while driving.

I basically almost never talk on the phone while driving anymore, even hands free.

The primary reason is that, when driving for work, we are absolutely prohibited from talking on the phone, and I can see the reason for it.

I remember when cell phones first came out I thought it was like being able to “buy time”, and it is, except now I avoid talking a lot while driving (and never while driving for work).

Maybe when “self driving” cars of some type are more prevalent, it will save a lot of time since you could talk on the phone (and probably read etc.)

I was thinking this morning about the parable of the “three talents”. When I was younger and went to Sunday School and got the little comic book bible stories. They were actually very effective since even now I remember them well!

I was thinking about this in relation to the stock market. It isn’t a matter of using your money, it also a matter of knowing when to not invest your money, if that makes any sense.

For years, I thought “talents” were a form of money, and actually a “talent” at that time was worth about 3 years of work for a laborer.

Then I realized that “talents” meant using our abilities and making sure we used and enhanced our natural skills, and I am sure that was the real thoughts behind the parable. However, I just checked and found out that a “talent” was actually money as I noted.

Anyway, I think there probably is a time to deploy our money in different ways and perhaps speculate and other times to put it under a mattress! (Not literally)

I read and attended some sessions off shoot concept of this several years ago was the idea that you should concentrate on enhancing and using your “talents” and not waste your time trying to improve your weak areas.

I thought, and still do, feel that this concept is good, at least up to a point. I’ll ponder on this and write more on it later.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 18, 2017


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