2017 Fall October 19 Thursday

2017 Fall October 19 Thursday

60 degrees this morning, no walk.

General weather has been cool, beautiful weather when I have a “field day” . Unfortunately it means colder weather, which isn’t so beautiful, is coming.

Probably no formal walk until after vacation is over.

“Vacation” is an interesting concept. As noted yesterday, the ability to have continued communication through is a major change.

I can remember at conferences in the past, there would be long lines at pay phones as people called for their messages etc. Then, as the internet developed, people stood in lines both at phones and computers.

Of course, now people simply use their phones (there are few if any pay phones) and perhaps printing stations rather than many computers. I have also noted that instead of e-mail or calls, many people now text.

For kids growing up now, they will only know the instant connectively 24/7 and whatever new technology may develop.

I really am waiting for the “driverless cars” I thought would be forthcoming years ago (probably 60 years ago at least, which is scary in itself) when I saw the ad of people sitting in the car playing cards as the car went down the road without any driver!

As I have noted several times, I am amazed that the technology is just now really becoming to the point it may be commercially available. I really thought it would be here years ago, one of the great disappointments of technology!

Even 20 years ago, at a conference they mentioned it was possible to get on a plane, have it take off, fly to your destination and land without human intervention. I have to wonder, why wasn’t that ever available? Perhaps over-reliance on cars.

I do frequently speculate on what life would be like if, for example, tires hadn’t been invented, would we be traveling on a pad of air, or with individual power packs?

I have noted the in countries without wired phone infrastructure, cell phones are being used without the wired phone infrastructure ever actually being developed. (at least that is what I understand).

Why technology has developed a lot of amazing and wonderful products, sometimes I am also amazed by the limits and lack of development in some areas.

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 19, 2017.

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