2017 Fall October 23 Monday

2017 Fall October 23 Monday

56 degrees (51 degrees) this morning, no walk (as such, plenty of walking during day!)

Apparently the battery on my iPhone may be going out after 3 years. If that is the case it is the first battery that has ever gone out on me on an Apple product and I have some that are probably 10 years old, including an iPhone 3, 3+, the original iPad and 3 shuffle iPods etc.

Oddly enough, it is the only Apple phone I haven’t purchased from Apple, I purchased it from ATT. Not sure if that is the cause or not!

It actually started after the IOS update and then especially after some type of “carrier update” from ATT that the problem really got bad, although I really didn’t think it was that bad until yesterday when I could literally see the battery discharge.

I don’t know how you change a battery on an Apple phone but I have always heard you have to send it off and not have one for two or three days. Hopefully they will provide a temporary replacement of some sort.

Kind of like water and air, you really realize how important an iPhone is to you until you don’t have one, although I basically have a good idea of how important a phone is.

However, knowing what it WOULD be like to not have your phone and actually not having your phone are two different things! Perhaps worst of all is seeing your battery go down, since that is anticipation, and anticipation and reality are two different things.

Once you have the reality you deal with that, with the anticipation, you are dealing with the unknown, the anticipation that the moment will come when your battery is dead.

Last night, while trying to call an Uber car it dropped from 23% to 1% in about 10 minutes. For some reason, it held at 1%. Although we had other phones with us, they were set up for an Uber or Lyft car so it was kind of concerning!

I think the huge difference between a taxi and a Lyft or Uber car is the way you pay. Somehow, having it charged to your credit card versus actually paying the driver makes it a difference experience. Also, I think there is a difference philosophy on the part of the drivers, which really isn’t bad or good, there are certain both good and bad drivers on both sides.

Attending a conference and paying for it myself and attending a conference paid by your employer is a major difference in your experience.

When it was basically paid by your employer, I always felt had to be attending a session all the time, even it it always wasn’t always that interesting or valuable to me. I have to also note that many times I went to a session I didn’t really think concerned me and it turned out to be valuable.

Now that I am paying for it myself, I am more relaxed and don’t necessarily try to be attending a session all the time. In a way I may get more out of it that way, since it gives me more time to experience orbiter aspects of a conference or just have a difference experience. (I am taking vacation time, so it also has the aura of a vacation also.)

That’s is for now, Monday, October 22, 2017.


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