2017 Fall October 25 Wednesday

2017 Fall October 25 Wednesday

50 degrees (43 degrees) this morning.

Made some changes to my iPhone and found the battery may not be gone after all. Changed some of the battery eating settings. and I may have left the phone tethered to my computer when I couldn’t hook up to wifi due to some message about it was “unprotected wi fi”.

I think the problem may be the absolutely stupid wi fi notice in public places that “the connection may not be secure” and then it refuses to connect to your phone, iPad or computer.

I end up having to tether my phone for wi fi, so I expect the notice and resulting refusal to connect is a plot by the cell phone companies to force you to use more high cost cell data by not allowing you to sign up to wi fi.

It is really frustrating to use my data instead of the hotel wifi because someone thinks they need to tell me “the connection is insecure” and then refuse to connect me.

What is really strange is that Apple refuses to acknowledge that the problem even exists. They just say use “forget this wit fi” and it will be ok when you reconnect but that doesn’t work.

It is really infuriating and they need to get a solution to this fast.

I see questions about it on the internet and the “experts” just refuse to acknowledge it is a problem, which I don’t understand.

It seems that whoever sets this up feels they need to “protect” you by not allowing you to sign up on Wifi. I know full well the problem with unprotected wi fi.

It even affects Starbucks, but I have found that if I go to the Starbucks website to either force a request for a sign on or go to the Starbucks web site and then another web site it is a work around.

I don’t know who controls this, but I am really getting very tired of the continued “protection” that really is just a way of forcing people to use more data from the cell companies. It is really strange that the “experts” at Apple and on the internet continually deny this is a problem. I know it isn’t just me because the internet is full of questions from people who can’t hook onto wifi and the denials by the “experts”.

End of the conference this morning. It has been a really excellent conference. I went to a wide variety of sessions so it has been especially interesting. I expect I will be commenting on many of the sessions here both as a learning experience (I remember a lot better when I try to state what I learned in my own words) and since I feel it is just valuable information.

What I don’t want to happen is that I get all enthused about what I learn at the conference and then get back into the routine of daily life and forget about taking any action on what I leaned.

That is the real value (for me) of the ICMA “Credential Manager” program, it makes me summarize how what I learned is a value to me and how I will use the information I learned.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 25, 2017.


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