2017 Fall October 26 Thursday

2017 Fall October 26 Thursday

59 degrees this morning, no walk due to schedule

Probably will wish I had walked this morning, cool weather is coming in, there is a “freeze warning” for this area.

I am definitely ready to get back into walking.

Returning to normal life routine today. Lift has changed more than expected from a week ago due to Aliene’s leg fracture.

Anytime I hear about “minor injuries”, I will now realize the impact of a “minor injury”. It changes your complete life. Aliene is seeing the Doctor today, hopefully it is just a minor fracture and not a break or other problem that takes surgery.

I am always surprised at how fast I get back into the routine, no matter how long I have been gone. It is kind of like the first time I was gone from home for a week or so when I was a kid, I got back and was surprised to find I wasn’t really missed, that life went on without me1

One of the more difficult things to do is to insure that I don’t get back into “normal” life and not ponder what I learned at the conference.

This is really an excellent conference and had a lot of good sessions.

I think the main theme was that local government is where innovation and progress will be made in the future since the federal and state governments have turned into partisan bickering with vicious attempts to “punish” people and further income and wealth disparity by programs benefit the wealthy, suppressing voting and gerrymandering and the huge impact of being able to buy votes with secret contributions etc.

They aren’t interested in progress, just ripping off the government for as many tax dollars and punishing policies for “persons not like them”. A real sick bunch of people.

Focusing on the positive, since the local government is closest to the people it can also have the most positive impact.

As I mentioned, that is the beauty of the ICMA program, where I write down how I might use what I learned.

We had been rather worried about the flight back, but it went fine. They are used to dealing with persons who may have limited mobility and do an excellent job of handling it.

I attended the “qualifying” for the Formula 1 race. Even the “qualifying” day was a real circus and I enjoyed even the limited amount of time I attended.

I was surprised to note that the cars seem to go faster than they go on TV and I really don’t know how they can actually drive the cars at the speed they do, especially around some of the curves.

Of course the first thing I am doing is watching a copy of the session I attended since I made sure I copied it! Its is even more interesting when I have actually been there and can noted some of the things I missed!

Back to work today. Difficult to believe the time I had been waiting for so long is over so quickly.

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 26, 20172


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