2017 Fall October 29 Sunday

2017 Fall October 29 Sunday

43 degrees this morning, walk 35:18 minutes

Dressed way to warm this morning, apparently there is a huge difference between 34 degrees and 43 degrees, more than I realized.

This morning seemed actually almost warm, although as I mentioned I dressed way too warm for 43 degrees. Due to the “wicking” nature of the closing it the over-dressing actually wasn’t that bad.

Pace this morning was exactly what my goal is.

I called Apple Support about the inability to pick up “public” wife and found that Apple is apparently trying to be overprotective by blocking access to public networks that don’t require a password.

Kind of like “destroying the City to save it”, it is incredible that Apple is doing this.

Apple Support vaguely (and even with a straight face) tried to say “anyone can see you on a public network” (as if I didn’t already know that).

The warning is fine, but blocking access completely? Might as well junk all Apple produces (that conned to wi fi) as useless.

If Apple really cared, they would provide automatic VPN to “protect” their users instead of crudely blocking access with some stupid message which doesn’t even advise you Apple is blocking you.

Hopefully someone will file a class action lawsuit to take care of it.

I think Apple has gotten out of touch with their users, with this insane program and ignoring desires for a touch screen on their laptops and desktops.

Strange they emphasize touch screens (with pencil etc) on their tablets, but pompously say their “users don’t want touch screens”. How about asking us?

Of course, I have the final option of simply junking all Apple products and going with another computer maker. Not ready to do that yet, but I will if I am blocked from public wifi.

Almost Halloween. I will always remember the Halloween when it snowed (in Oklahoma City). I sat and watched the snow and read “Bright Lights Big City” straight through. That may be the last time I read a complete book at one sitting.

I used to read a complete book at one sitting all the time, but at that time I probably hadn’t don’t it for years so it was unusual at the time.

Aliene is getting around ok, or as well as you can without using your right foot, which means she does the essential things.

I checked Amazon for what a “foot scooter” costs and of course found we could buy one for less that it is costing to rent one for two months. Of course I don’t know about the quality (the quality of some Amazon products is horrible) and it would have taken four days to get one etc.

It actually will be nice just to take it back and be done with it after she doesn’t need it anymore.

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 29, 2017

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