2017 Fall November 2 Thursday

2017 Fall November 2 Thursday

58 degrees this morning Walk 34:38 minutes

Temperature considerably higher this morning versus last few days. Yesterday morning around 11:30 a.m., I was talked to someone about how nippy it was and then by afternoon it suddenly warmed up and it has stayed warmer.

Obviously I’ll go along with warmer weather!

Having to hurry this this morning, I forgot to plug in my laptop and so I have limited battery time (sigh!). Actually I could plug it in while I use it, but I am too lazy to mess around with it, it is inconvenient to do so where I sit to write this.

Of course, I also could use the desktop or even my iPad, but…. I like to watch a copy of “Mad Money” or something else while I write this, so I”ll write fast.

Pace today was 2 seconds slower than my goal.

I really wish I could increase my pace, but I really don’t want to try to increase it so much that I don’t enjoy walking anymore.

Read more again about the absolutely abhorrent practice of forcing people to become basically slaves to “chicken producers” (in this case) as an “alternative drug program” to jail.

Instead of jail they have the option of entering a “drug treatment program” which is basically slave labor (no pay or benefits) in a “chicken factory” when they process chickens with little or no actual treatment. How in the world could this happen in today’s world?

I have to wonder who the poultry producers paid off to get free labor that they basically treat like slaves, don’t pay them, work in substandard conditions etc.

I have to wonder about the so called judges who would even think of allowing this. In at least one state a judge went to jail for it. Of course in this state, it continues.

People are still asking “can this really happen in today’s world”, but it has been reported several times by legitimate news media, and the so called “protectors” of our rights (Attorney General’s etc.) are still “looking” into it instead of investigating and indicting and at least stopping the programs.

I read an editorial/opinion piece about how the lying bully coward lunatic is slowing destroying our form of government by this constant lies, vile false personal attacks etc

I finally quit trolling him on Twitter because I felt dirty after reading his vicious lying lunatic delusional tweets. He lives in a world worse than a sewer and I decided it was too fifthly for me to even visit there.

It is really a disaster to actually have such a lunatic liar as the so called president, much less for the cowards who enable him.

What gets me is the cowards that piously say “he won the election” like we have to kow tow to a lying bully lunatic and enable his programs just because he was elected by accident. (actually he lost the election by 3,000,000 votes)

Second of the month again, we have lived in this area fro 3 years and 5 months today and I have worked in my current job for 3 years and two months and our “new” car is now 3 years old. Time passes and the next election is getting closer!

That’s it for today, Thursday, November 2, 2017.


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