2017 Fall November 3 Friday

2017 Fall November 3 Friday

52 degrees this morning. Walk 34:58 minutes

Surprised this morning how cold 52 degrees was! There was a light mist or fog that made it seem much colder than similar (or lower) temperatures recently.

Thought at first it was going to start raining (there was a 20% chance) but it just remained a light mist.

Pace was 18 seconds slower than my goal pace.

The iWatch now provides a detailed record of my heartbeat. I will need to try to figure out what it means! I haven’t really paid any attention to my heartbeat while I walk, so I will need to read up on it.

Stopped by a art exhibit at a downtown boutique hotel that was developed from an old car manufacturing plant in the downtown area.

The Lobby itself is almost a work of art (including the restrooms which are truly a work of art!), in fact the lobby and lounge area are a work of art.

In addition, they have an art display that illustrated how far I am behind in modern art! Actually, I really enjoyed it, I didn’t always understand it, but then that is the purpose of art to make you think, or at least it is one purpose.

It is one of those exhibits that I appreciate because I can enjoy it in small doses. It is something I can stop by for a short period and enjoy it.

It is impossible to describe the art. I doubt if they allow pictures, but even pictures wouldn’t do it justice, you have to actually see it.

The one that I have been thinking about is a simple table with a wedding cake on it.

A couple are “seated” at the table (manifested by a video of a man and woman on a chair). A 3D mouse is eating the wedding cake, but neither of them notice since they are texting or looking at their phone!

As I said, it is much more effective to see it than to try to describe it, but it really illustrates the impact of “smart” phones on our society.
What are we truly missing when we are so enthralled by cell phones and our pavlovian response to the beep (or whatever) of a new text or notification? Not that it is good or bad, it just is. I think it has some both positive and negative aspects.

It is Friday! Another weekend is here. As I mentioned before, time seems to speed by, except when we are waiting on something like Aliene going back to the Doctor about her fractured ankle, then it seems to drag forever!

That’s it for now Friday, November 3, 2017.


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