2017 Fall November 4 Saturday

2017 Fall November 4 Saturday

46 degrees this morning, no walk.

Cooler this morning. No walk, going to help someone move and I wanted to make sure I was fresh!

I actually enjoy helping someone else move-much more than I do moving myself!

Moving is such an important factor in someone’s life, it determines such things as who your friends (and sometimes your enemies) are, where you shop, where you eat, schools your children go to and numerous other aspects of your life.

Kind of jarred into reality yesterday by walmart.com and UPS as far as the fantasy about “better customer service”. Ordered something important that I get by Friday from walmart.com assuming they would keep their word and get it to my by Friday.

By 6:30 p.m. or so I start getting worried and check on it. I found they had arbitrarily (without bothering to notify me) changed it to MONDAY! Of course they hadn’t bothered to e-mail me either, even though they had my e-mail, phone # etc. and they couldn’t be bothered to notify me!

Of course I checked with walmart.com and they blamed UPS (United Parcel Service, not the U.S. Post Office). I checked with UPS and after some extremely poor customer service, I was advised that “UPS doesn’t work weekends” and doesn’t deliver in my area and I couldn’t even pick it up!

I really thought customer service was being improved, but obviously not at UPS! After this I will specify when I order something I do not want it delivered by UPS. I am surprised they stay in business with their despicable customer service and obviously uncaring if they do a decent job or not.

I am beginning to wonder now about the future of on-line buying with the horrible service and customer “care” by United Parcel Service. I really think part of it is the attitude and the policies of the lying bully coward lunatic and the band of cowards in congress who kow tow to him setting the tone for “customer” service.

Reminds me of another subject, while we don’t order a lot of pizza, but we usually use “Papa John’s”. Never again. I found out the owner supports the lying bully coward lunatic, cut employees hours so he could avoid providing health insurance etc. Not another penny to that company!

I am going to start researching the products I buy to make sure I don’t support anyone who supports the lying bully coward lunatic or the cowards who are trying to adopt a “tax reform” that will rip off the lower and middle class and shovel tax $ to big companies, the special interests and, of course, special benefits for “developers” like the lying bully coward lunatic who got “special exceptions” in the bill worth billions to them!

I guess if you are going to be crooked and pay off your donors and special interests and lobbyists who shovel money to you, you may as well be blatant about it!

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 4, 2017.


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