2017 Fall November 5 Sunday

2017 Fall November 5 Sunday

68 degrees this morning, walk 35;25 minutes

Woke up this morning thinking I would enjoy the extra hour and not walk or exercise after the aches from moving yesterday.

Instead, I noted it was 68 degrees and I wasn’t about to waste a good morning! Also I didn’t really ache all that much so it was ok anyway.

It was nice to walk in “warmer” weather, especially since I saw the forecast and it is going to be a beautiful day today (read “warm” or at least not cold or cool!)

I had forgotten to plug in the iPhone I had repurposed to be an audio player, so I listened to music on my 10 year old iPod which still seems to have the strong original battery! That is amazing.

I try to charge all of my old phones etc. up occasionally, I don’t know if it really keeps the batteries fresh, but I expect it helps. Anyway, when I forget to charge up my audio player iPhone it helps!

Pace was 2 seconds slower than my goal. I was hoping the music and warmer weather would reduce my pace, but it didn’t seem to make that much difference.

The item we had been advised was originally supposed to be here Friday and then was “rescheduled” to Monday actually arrived yesterday (Saturday) after all.

I’m not sure if my letter of protest to UPS made any difference or not, but at least it arrived and I have learned not to trust that the “scheduled” pickup date as the true date. It has happened before, but not on a critical item.

I read recently that returns (at least on clothes) purchased on line approaches 40% of the purchases, meaning 4 of every 10 purchases is returned.

In addition to boycotting PapaJohn’s pizza for supporting the lying coward bully lunatic, I have added New Balance, Forbes, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, Reebuck, Forbes, and Jenny Craig.

I don’t and wouldn’t buy them anyway, but MillerCoors, National enquirer, People Magazine, Yuengling beer, LL Bean and Amitrade/ScottTrade, Carl’s Jr. and Hardy’s. are also on the list as extreme lying bully coward lunatic supporters and I will make sure I don’t support any of the companies.

Unfortunately the owner of NASCAR was also on the list, so I canceled my recordings of NASCAR races, although they have been too long and boring for years anyway. Of course many of the NFL owners are huge contributors, but NFL football has long been boring and I quit watching it (except for the playoff’s) years ago.

I may have to develop an interest in NBA basketball since many of them are not supporters of him and in fact are actively against his lying criminal lunatic policies.

Not that they will miss anything I would have contributed, but at least I don’t feel like I am supporting them.

I always like the “fall back” daylight savings time change, except for the fact it means Winter is coming. I feel like I have gained an extra hour, and just for one day, time kind of slows. An illusion I know, but I live the illusion and just enjoy it!

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 5, 2017.


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