2017 Fall November 7 Tuesday

2017 Fall November 7 Tuesday

44 degrees this morning Walk 33:19 minutes

Coldish walk this morning, still not used to it.

Good to get back to walking and also my weights and exercise, which I haven’t done since Friday.

Pace was 1 second faster than my goal, which is good for the cold weather and additional clothing.

Apparently the pace goal is approximately in the right place, or you could argue that it isn’t right, it should be one I progress toward, but don’t achieve that often. On the other hand, a “goal” can be a “goal” and not have to demand “continuous improvement”.

I think continuous improvement is good as far as job skills etc, but I”m not sure if it applies to physical exercise. It kind of depends on what your goal is. There is really no reason I should walk fast, just that I should walk. I do need to check on the heart beat thing to determine if I am waking fast enough, although I”m not sure if I really buy into that concept anyway.

Interesting to discover that my granddaughter, who is a Senior in high school, will soon be reading 1984. I told her I never really thought I would see a true “1984” when I first read it, but I sure see it now.

Of course, GPS, security cameras etc. are what would make a true 1984 possible and they exist now.

What is even more disturbing is the current political climate actually supports such concepts of 1984 as “adjustments to truth” and the “Ministry of Truth” are part of the currently lying bully coward lunatic’s “administration”.

The “Ministry of Truth” exists to “adjust” history. One example was if the chocolate rations were changed from 30 grams to 20 grams, the “Ministry of Truth” made sure any references to there ever being 30 grams were erased so that it appeared the rations were always 20 grams.

Of course we hear many examples of “adjustment to truth” or “alternative realities” pushed by the lying bully coward lunatic and his incompetent, kow towing, criminal appointees.

I think what is almost worse than the lunatic so called president is the cowardly, sniveling, criminal appointees who are ignoring the truth and push the lies and cowardly behavior as a way of getting what they want.

I don’t think they realize Karma will assert itself and that extremes tend to bounce far to the other side when they will be the “outs” who are treated the same as they are now treating people.

Hopefully it will be soon.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 7, 2017


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