2017 Fall November 9 Thursday

2017 Fall November 9 Thursday

33 degrees this morning, 35:30 minute walk

Walk this morning was good, wind was still and it really didn’t seem like it was that cold during my walk. Of course I dressed for it also.

One smart purchase I made some years ago was a hooded sweatshirt made of some kind of fabric that doesn’t really get too hot, but also protects you from the cold. Not sure how it works, but in this kind of weather I use it a lot and it works well.

One of the first “Under Armor” items I ever purchased. I wish I knew what the fabric was so I could buy one more and be able to wash this one more.

It is kind of like the shirts I wear after I shower or swim, I have had them literally 20 years and they are literally falling apart, but I don’t know where I can find the same fabric, that is cool but also soaks up any moisture. It is especially nice after I go swimming.

As I recently mentioned, one of the reasons I hate to shop, especially for clothes, on-line is you need really know what you are getting until you see it and feel it, and it is such a hassle to return something. Also it applies to many items that you order they are literally cheap junk.

Speaking of hassles, I got a replacement iPhone (for some reason the connector was loose and the charger clip wouldn’t stay in well all the time) and I am dreading having to set up the new phone. It is a lot easier than it used to be but still a hassle.

I didn’t think until this morning I also have to set up the iWatch (moan).

One of the reasons I was delaying an iPhone X was I didn’t really want to hassle with setting up a new phone and now I have to do it anyway, probably on one I won’t keep all that long before I get an iPhone X. Such is life, although it is likely to be some time before I get an iPhone X.

I am always surprised when the tv cable asks if I want any “recommendations on what to watch”. Why would I want the cable company to advise me on what to watch? I actually have more than enough now, I normally have to delete a lot that I simply don’t have time to watch.

Another thing I hate about on-line shopping. There algorithms aren’t very smart if they think I need more than one printer etc. Anything I buy, regardless what it is, I get hassled for months and sometimes years about the same item!

I really think it is simply set up to take advantage of advertisers. Sometime, the advertisers will get smart and stop wasting their money, although it could be one of those situations where the “per unit” price is so small it costs more to sort it out than it does to just blast everyone who ever purchased the item.

Of course, they may not be considering the anger it creates when they continually flood you with unwanted ads for an item you may never buy again (which I will certainly never buy a Canon printer again) or not buy for years.

I have quit going to any web page that has the “popup”, either the video no matter how small you can’t get rid of, or the full page ads. I just quit using the web site.

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 10, 2017.


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