2017 Fall November 11 Saturday

54 degrees this morning, no walk.

Actually relatively warm this morning, a lot warmer than I expected. Didn’t walk for a variety of reasons.

The transfer to the new replacement phone is a total disaster, worse even than I expected. I will never get another phone without the understanding they are going to do any updating right there and I will never purchase a phone over the internet again. (Actually this is a replacement under insurance.) Somehow the backup they are so proud of is hung up and the Apple watch won’t pair.

The only good thing is Apple doesn’t give up on helping you, although it is still unresolved. Actually it relates back to ATT sending me an un-updated phone which created a conflict with the backup etc.

Of course, I know it will get resolved, but I resent the hassle and the time it takes to resolve it. The only thing is Apple is normally the best of the worst.

I was pleased with the support of Nest thermostats. I had to change my router password (another story), and then reset the new phone I lost contact with my thermostats. Support was very helpful. Of course, I had lost the passwords of the thermostats, or, not specifically lost, but forgot the “capitalization” and “special character” their passwords require.

Today seems like Sunday due to the Holiday yesterday. It is nice to realize it is Saturday and the weekend is really just starting!

Today is the semi-annual birthday “party” where we get together and recognize the birthdays of family members for the six month period. This doesn’t include the children who may still have their own celebration. I think overall it has worked out well, it gives everyone a chance to catch up etc.

Otherwise, time goes so fast and you suddenly realize you have’t really recognized someone’s birthday for years or maybe even sat down and visited with them.

Update on Aliene’s foot, she visited the Doctor last week. We were hoping she would be put in a “walking cast”. She wasn’t, so she still is using assistive walking devices. Hopefully in three weeks she will at least have a walking cast!

I am still watching the “Sopranos” on a sporadic basis, primarily on my lunch breaks when I am out “in the field” and occasionally when we go to Starbucks and drink coffee just to do something different.

I am still not sure what I think of it or even what I think of myself for watching it. It has it’s high moments and low moments like anything.

Hopefully will get the phone and watch situation resolved today!

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 11, 2017.


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