2017 Fall November 12 Sunday

58 degrees this morning, walk 35:48 minutes

Actually felt warm this morning, a lot warmer than I expected. It is becoming hard to gauge just how cold it will feel!

Pace was 23 seconds slower than my goal, which didn’t surprise me too much for a variety of reasons.

I believe a combination of driving a lot on my job and sitting wrong in the chair for a period caused me to have significant pain in my side and leg when I moved a certain way. Fortunately rest and avoiding sitting in the way that bothered me have somewhat resolved it, at least it is getting better every day.

I was getting worried, probably only as someone who realizes that “geezerhold” is here can feel. The feel that maybe this time the pain may not go away.

Looked up “geezer” just to see if I was spelling it right and happened to run into a reference to the “geezer bandit” who they they referred to as a “man in the 60’s”, and later somehow morphed into a “man in his mid 70’s”.

Later on they mention it may be a disguise by a younger man since “he ran abnormally fast for a geezer” (not their exact words) when some planted money blew up.

Really demonstrates the stereotypes about getting older, I expect I could run pretty fast if some money blew up in my face!

I guess at least stereotypes about getting old, you can say “everyone will eventually be a geezer if they’re lucky enough” but stereotypes about other categories that are stereotyped can’t always say that. They are who they are their entire life.

Enjoyed the birthday party, it is fun to be around a variety of ages (we can no longer say anything about being around older people since we were the oldest people at the party!). Lots of times, I see my own (younger) self in some of the ideas and hopes presented by younger people.

As I mentioned, we boycotted Papa John’s pizza and will not longer buy anything from them. It is a little bit they will never miss, but I think it is important to make any action, no matter how small. Maybe it will catch on and be significant, maybe not, at least we have made our statement.

Actually the pizza we ordered was a lot better, so it turned out well. Papa John’s pizza sales are probably down due to the quality and expense of the pizza as well as other factors. I think the greed of the owner is showing in their quality.

After all I have heard about Dominos Pizza, I was surprised to find they didn’t deliver, so we ended up with Pizza Hut. I haven’t had Pizza Hut pizza for years (my last experience was years ago with a greasy uneatable pizza and I avoided them for years). Restaurant business is hard, one bad meal and you lose a customer for years or even forever no matter how many good meals they had before the bad meal!

I believe Pizza Hut, which started in Wichita Kansas, was one of the first of that concept.

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 12, 2017.

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