2017 Fall November 13 Monday

2017 Fall November 13 Monday

50 degrees this morning walk 35:10 minutes

Felt the cold this morning, it is hard to tell from the temperature how cold it is.

Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal.

Three-day weekend is over, overall it went well.

The transfer of the new phone is complete, another phone call to Apple Saturday resolved the issues. Also got the watch “paired” and operational again. It is good to have both operational again.

As I mentioned, I am listening to a “Great Course” on Utopias and Dystopias. Then I received a newsletter I read every few months and realized that the Editor basically foresees a Dystopia.

The major factor he foresees in the developing Dystopia is government, specifically overreach by government. A common theme in Dystopia’s, but I think he almost sees it developing from a government which doesn’t care.

He mentions how if an emergency developed overseas, American response with all of it’s equipment etc., but for one in the United States (Puerto Rico is a primary example), response has not always been very complete or very rapid, frequently because the equipment and personnel are overseas.

Not that I don’t think we shouldn’t respond to international disasters, I think it is what makes American what it is, but they also need to respond quickly and fully to national disasters etc.

He also recommends having an “emergency kit” of food, medicine etc. because we really can’t depend on the government to come in an rescue us any more after a natural disaster occurs.

Actually, that is an e excellent idea iew

Anyway, it makes for interesting and thoughtful thinking. As I mentioned, I don’t necessarily agree with him

Some recent history type courses mention that up to the time where clothes could be made more efficiently, people just wore their clothes until they rotted off, when they would be replaced with another set of clothing.

I expect with today’s clothes, it would be hard to wear them until they rotated off since they tend to last forever.

I think about that when I change clothes during the day. Depending on my exercise routine, I can change clothes up to 7 times per day!

That’s it for now, Monday November 13, 2017.

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