2017 Fall November 15 Wednesday

67 degrees this morning, Walk 16:42 minutes

Actually almost warm weather this morning. Out of habit somewhat overdressed for my walk.

The moon must have been full, or almost full, but it was cloudy and hard to tell.

Pace was a disgraceful 42 seconds slower than my goal! Probably a lot of reasons, including overdressing, but I’ll see what the overall trend is.

Thinking more about the “flying taxi” thoughts. Actually it seems it could work well in a wide variety of circumstances, as long as the technological and the security concerns could be resolved.

Of course, success is usually achieved by proceeding and assuming the details can be worked out!

I feel like when something like this is planned, the social scientists also need to be forecasting the social, job, and other changes such an advancement would have.

I think I always kind of assumed it would be personal aircraft (like a backpack or a single unit module) that would lead the way to air commuting, but it could well be the air taxi system would work better, would certainly probably be more efficient.

It seems the low level flight patterns could be worked out (with obvious precautions around airports and tall buildings) so that flying taxis’ would be more feasible than individual aircraft.

Of course, if we ever learn to travel by “transporting”, it would be a mute point. Maybe they should be working on that!

Listening to the “Great Courses” on “Utopias and Dystopias”. The instructor is just starting on a “Dystopia” where there is a wide diversity of incomes, California is having severe water shortages and…an extremist lunatic president has been elected whose major theme is “America first” and “returning America to it’s roots”, meaning specific demographics. Sound familiar?

I’m not sure when the “Great Course” was produced (I’ll check tonight), but I”m sure it was several years ago. It will be interesting to hear about this “fiction”and see the plot and how it proceeds!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

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