2017 Fall November 16 Thursday

45 degrees this morning, no walk (schedule)

Even at 45 degrees, there is a real chill to the air. Maybe since it was 67 degrees yesterday!

Time seems to be speeding by, next week is Thanksgiving of 2017! 2017 was a year of some major events (birthdays’, starting social security, paying off a car etc.) and all of those events, are long past.

Time does slow when Aliene thinks about another two weeks in a cast on her fractured ankle, but at least each day is going by. Again, anytime someone mentions a “minor injury”, I will realize the impact of even a “minor injury”!

Actually some of my favorite memories are of Thanksgiving, family visits etc. I probably have more memories of Thanksgiving than I do of Christmas.

As the cold weather moves in, I realize I am looking at enduring cold weather until next late May, or about 7 months. Of course, the “hard” cold weather is usually over with by Marcy, but sometimes the chill weather that lasts until May is almost worse.

This year we are getting away from the cold, at least one time for about a week. We are already looking forward to it!

Our recycling this week is about to reach it’s limit! I don’t understand why they only pick it up every other week, but at least we use a 96 gallon covered container rather than the inadequate recycling bin, especially here where the wind blows.

We actually recycle more than we have trash, which may mean we buy too much of the wrong thing!

I thought of that due a comment Jim Cramer made about how younger people value recycling. Actually, my experience is that older people recycle more than younger people. Not a critical statement, everyone makes their own decisions, just an observation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bide well for the future of recycling, although that could change.

Of course, I always wonder how much of the stuff we recycle actually is recycled and not just thrown way. Aliene takes great care to clean the items before we recycle etc., so I hope it actually is recycled.

Of course, I realize there has to be a market for the recycled items for it to be effective.

I did one of my favorite activities, cut down a lot of cardboard boxes, and we had some extra recycling due to visitors and a birthday party etc, so I may be looking at saving back some recycling until the next time.

Fortunately our recycling is this week, which means our next recycling period is the week after recycling.

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 16, 2017.

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