2017 Fall November 17 Friday

59 degrees this morning, Walk 34:32 minutes

Fog and a mist in the air made it seem much colder this morning during my walk. Still, a good walk.

Pace was one second faster than my goal, which makes me feel better after yesterday.

In spite of my walking and other exercise, I find myself gaining some weight again (it may be very gradual, but it is there). With possible exceptions for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, I am going to resume my modified low-carb diet.

Modified in the sense that I am going to eliminate, for the most part, bread and other “fast carbs”. I don’t worry about fruit and vegetables or breakfast, at least for the most part. I will be trying some other alternatives I am reading about also.

While I try to avoid saying to much about the lying coward lunatic and his band of kow towing criminals in Washington DC, the “crowing” yesterday I briefly heard on radio by the House of Representatives on the obscene “tax cut for donors, the 2%, big companies and the lying coward lunatic and his family, I can’t not say something.

The fact they actually are so stupid as to crow about how they are giving “tax cuts” to the “low and middle class” is a “big lie”, they think is they lie enough it will be considered true. I have nothing but contempt for them.

The idea that we should “respect” the lying coward lunatic and his greedy sniveling group of greedy criminal cowards because they are “elected” is simply not true. They don’t deserve any respect.

It is probably one of the biggest criminal acts of theft ever, unless the Senate develops some backbone and rejects it or at least demand it is not simply shoveling tax money to the big donors, the 2%, the nuts like the kook brothers who ware trying to steal billions more so they can control society and the lying coward lunatic and his family at the expenses of the low and middle income class.

I am glad it is Friday for a number of reasons. While I enjoy my job, it is also nice to have a weekend.

As I have noted, I really do not understand how I used to work much more than 40 hours per week and at least two or three night meetings and somehow it seems I am busier now when I only work 40 hours per week and don’t have off-duty e-mail, phone calls or work!

I think it may be that my expectations somehow changed and the “demand fills the time available”. I probably do a lot of things (I was going to say trivial things but that isn’t true) that I used to not even think about doing because I didn’t have the time.

My Dad would have been 111 years old today if he was still living.

That’s it for now, Friday, November 17, 2017.

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