2017 Fall November 18 Saturday

68 degrees this morning, walk 35:19 minutes

Temperature this morning, make me think of dressing lightly for my walk, but I decided to go a little heavier than I thought necessary just because the 68 degrees now is different than 68 degrees in the Summer.

I am glad I did since it was very windy, which make it seem a lot colder than 68 degrees. Wasn’t enough that I even noticed it much after I got started, but a lot more wind than normal.

While there is a lot of wind here, I think we are protected from it somewhat by the houses and the trees, there are a lot of relatively mature trees around here that block the wind.

I remember when I was growing up, our farm had a “wind break” a strip of trees on the north side of the buildings that I assume mitigated the wind.

The south side of the buildings was a gentle hill, which I assume protected somewhat from the south wind, although protection from the north wind was more important.

It wasn’t until years and years later that I realized just how cold it got in that part of Kansas, especially when the wind blows, relative to other, more southern places I have lived It is COLD. I don’t even want to think about Nebraska, and some of the far north states.

I remember when I am in Boston or Washington D.C. in the winter or even the late Fall the cold just chills you to the bone.

Pace was 21 seconds slower than my goal. Disappointing, but not surprising considering the wind etc.

Thinking of how cold even Kansas is makes me feel better about the cold weather here, but I think that makes it a relative term. Cold is cold.

Glad the weekend is here, especially a leisurely weekend, which I am sure will turn busy!

Thinking about the homeless/street people I see in my daily routine. I wonder if time passes fast or if everything is kind of a blur or if time drags, especially in cold weather.

As I have noted before, the conference I went to had a session on homelessness. Part of the consequences of modern day living I expect. Again, I think what encouraged me about cities was the City Manager’s who spoke didn’t condemn (or praise) the homeless, they were part of the population that they saw as their residents with specific needs like all residents, regardless of demographics.

I liked that.

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 18, 2017.

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