2017 Fall November 19 Sunday

32 degrees this morning, no walk.

About 35 degrees colder today than yesterday morning! I realize I need to walk in all kinds of weather (except for rain and snow), but I kind of wimped out this morning when I realized how cold it was.

Actually I think I have already walked in around 37 degree weather this Fall, so it really isn’t a big difference.

I think the high wind stirred up my allergies yesterday which someone affected my decision not to walk this morning with additional coughing.

Normally on a weekend day, I walk almost no matter what. On on “Office Day” I also usually walk. It is easiest to not walk on a “field day” when I know I will already walk a lot and not have a chance to take a quick nap if needed.

The weekend is already half over. Time keeps on rolling on. Except for Aliene, waiting for the time when she can take her cast off (or get a walking cast) and quit using the walker! Again, I have new respect for “minor injuries”. Even a minor (or major) fracture in your ankle significantly changes your life.

I have decided to renew my “credentialed City Manager” designation, which means a lot of work before the end of the year! Even though I am not currently active as a City Manager, I really want to keep my interest in the field. I got enthused at the conference and I want to keep it going.

It does mean a lot of work before the end of the year, but it is something I can do a little each day (and more on weekends). Basically I just need to transfer my notes from the conference and than do some additional research to do whatever I need to do to make 40 hours (including counting the time I went to the conference).

Our project of putting all of our pictures on the internet continues. Aliene and her mother did a lot of work putting the pictures (some almost 100 years old) in albums, so I think it is important to get them on the internet. We will continue with my family pictures after that, except I wasn’t nearly as diligent about cataloging the pictures.

My Mom did a lot of work on copying pictures etc., so I do have a lot of pictures that she did and of course my Uncle, who was a professional photographer, was diligent about taking pictures of family reunions etc.

Sometimes I wonder what will happen to all of the pictures that are taken currently and posted on various media and keep on the internet. In a way, it may be just so overwhelming that you don’t actually look at them in the future. I hope that doesn’t happen.
When we went to China, I took over 3,500 pictures and I am still thinking of cataloging those “when I get round tuit”! actually I have gone through and picked out many I like, but I have a hard time deleting pictures.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have adjusted to the fact that I have to walk in cold weather again! Monday and Tuesday are “field days” this week (due to the Thanksgiving Holidays Thursday and Friday I decided to do “field days” on Monday and Tuesday and an “office day” on Wednesday), so it may be Wednesday before I walk again! Probably not, I have the habit of walking and skipping more than one day is difficult.

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 19, 2017. (Sometimes it is a shock to realize it is REALLY 2017! and I REALLY am how old?!).

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