2017 Fall November 20 Monday

44 degrees this morning, walk 35:21 minutes

Cold this morning (although it was 44 degrees it “felt like” 35 degrees). Not much of a wind, at least like it was Saturday.

Yesterday morning I went out to get the paper and noted though it was cold it wasn’t necessarily an unpleasant cold (anymore than the fact that any cold weather is unpleasant by definition).

Pace this morning was 17 seconds slower than my goal, which seems to be typical for cold weather.

As I have discussed before, I’m not sure of the purpose of my exercise goal, if it is for “continuous improvement” or just to kind of keep me on a minimum pace of some sort so I don’t start slowing down.

I’m not really sure if I should be concerned about “continuous improvement” on exercise, i.e. continuous faster pace, heavier weights, more setups etc. I expect there is a point at which it isn’t good to have “continuous improvement”, although I have no idea what the point may be.

Thinking this morning about the “purpose” of keeping this journal. Actually I have been keeping a daily journal of some sort for about 30 years, or rather for at least 30 years since I started in 1986 or 87. There have been periods when it was just a few words, etc.or days I missed, but it has been continuous.

The purpose? I really don’t know. I almost never, in fact I don’t recall ever going back and reading the journal, or even having any desire too, other than to verify some dates or a situation.

That is probably good, since I’m not sure where the first six years or so are. I kept them on computer disks, and I’m not even sure I could get the journals off of them if I found them.

Not that it matters, I have decided that it is the act of keeping the journal that is important.

Actually, I have done public postings like this since 2005 (before that they were deeply private) and have made daily posts since 2013. (I kept a private journal and have kept a calendar of daily events since 1992 or so)

As I mentioned, I think it is the act of writing that is valuable.

Three day “work week” this week, which is nice! Looking forward to Thanksgiving Day and then the three days following.

Actually made some progress on my ICMA “Credential” designation, noted thoughts on the ICMA conference sessions and other activities. I think I can make it well before the 12-31-17 deadline.

Field day today and tomorrow. Field days a actually take a lot of preparation, I finally feel I have a grasp of organization my new territory.

That’s it for now, Monday, November 20, 2017.

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