2017 Fall November 21 Tuesday

45 degrees this morning, walk 35:54 minutes

Cold had a bite in it this morning, but it still was a nice walk.

Pace was 22 seconds slower than my goal. I don’t worry quite as much in Winter about my pace, I would like to improve on it.

Actually, I would like to walk about a minute faster than my current goal, maybe I will just set that as a goal and see how close I can get to it each day. It may be the psychological boost I need to walk at a faster pace.

Finished listening to the “Great Course” on Utopias and Dystopias this morning. It included some books I wasn’t familiar with and probably normally wouldn’t (and probably won’t) read.

Up to a point, I feel it is good to read about/read books or articles that make me feel uncomfortable or even angry. I need to avoid the thought that just because I disagree or am not familiar with it, or it makes me uncomfortable, I should avoid it.

In fact, I probably should go out of my way (within reason) to listen to or read about concepts and ideas that make me uncomfortable or new.

I can think of many things and concepts and thoughts that, at least at first, I basically rejected or disagree, and several have come to be concepts or beliefs I strongly endorse or support.

Finishing one book I listen to in the morning is always exciting since it means I begin to listen to another book.

I am thinking of starting to listen to Leonardo Da Vinci. I really don’t know that much about him and it may be interesting to listen to/read the book.

I am hooping it is interesting, I tried to listen to a book by the same author about the Panama Canal, and had a hard time getting involved in it. I had been looking for information about the Panama Canal, so I was surprised I didn’t like it.

It may be I just wasn’t in the right mood when I listened to it and maybe I should try to listen to it again. I am always pleasantly surprised when I have a hard time getting into a book and try again later and enjoy the book.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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