2017 Fall November 22 Wednesday

31 degrees this morning (felt like 22 degrees), walk 35:37 minutes

Walk this morning was obviously cold, but I bundled up so didn’t really feel it at all. There was no wind (that I could feel although there must have been some wind to have a wind chill of 22 degrees with a 31 degrees temperature).

This is the type of weather I am really glad I have some discretion as to my “office days” and “field days”. I don’t really care how cold it gets, but if it gets snowy or icy I don’t have to go out in the field, but can do an office day.

Pace was 20 seconds (per mile) slower than my goal. Not bad considering the weather, but it seems like I could somehow eke out 21 seconds per mile to meet or beat my goal!

Perhaps the fact that if I consistently exceed my goal, I’ll just set a harder goal is part of the problem. If I am going to just move the goal, my subconscious mind may just say the heck with it, it is doing just fine now!

Perhaps I should set the goal that I want, and just stick with it, even if I never meet it.

Kind of reminds me of working in a factory when I was in college, if we exceeded out quota, they just raised the quota! (If you exceeded the quota, you got a higher rate of pay, I don’t remember exactly how it was figured out.)

I met a lot of nice people working in the factory, but it really helped me commit to finishing college, so I could do something else the rest of my life!

Listening to “Leonardo Da Vinci” this morning. I don’t think I will have any problem being bored, he was an interesting person and so far I like the approach and style of the writer.

The main thing about him was he maintained his curiosity his entire life and never lost what I call “the wonder of childhood” before life seems to take over sometimes.

I hadn’t really realized he was so cross-disciplinary in his work, again it emphasizes the benefits of melding various disciplines together to be creative. Kind of like Steve Jobs, design and brilliance (? maybe genius is a better word) meant a lot of creativity.

Another aspect the author mentions is that Florence at that time was accepting of a diversity of behaviors and cultures, which encouraged creativity and invention, a lot at the time. Kind of like some of the same ideas such as Richard Florida has and the “creative city” and “creative class”. I have had the good fortune to hear him speak several times.

The author notes that Da Vinci was born outside of marriage, which, in those times, meant he had a lot more freedom to be creative since basically nothing was expected of him. If he had been a “legitimate” child, he would have been a Notary, an important position in those days.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a Notary (which almost sounds more like an Attorney in those days), but I think the world is a lot better for what he turned out to be!

After today, a 4 day weekend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

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