2017 Fall November 24 Friday

52 degrees this morning, walk 35:11 minutes

Overall good walk this morning, wind was down, so good wasn’t real noticeable.

Pace was 14 seconds slower than my goal. I had hoped I was walking faster than that.

Thanksgiving Day was good. As normal I ate more than I planned, altl the food was wonderful and deserved to be enjoyed!

I have learned not to be too uptight about holiday meals, just enjoy them and don’t worry about dieting. I just try to be reasonable and not eat more than I want just because it is there!

For some reason, the Nest thermostat gave out yesterday. The support personal I talked with thought it had gotten stuck during an update. They are sending out a new one.

Fortunately I have a second one upstairs and, if I understood him right, I can just take the face off the other one and put it on the downstairs ne if I absolutely have to have it.

I was a little disappointed in the Nest, but pleased at their support.

There are a lot of areas where I’m trying to decide if I want to proceed with “new technology” or keep the old.

One is my wifi routers. I think of the Apply one as being “new”, but it is actually almost 4 years old. The other (main) router is provided by the cable/internet service, and you know what that means.

I am supposed to have “whole house’ wi fi, but they couldn’t get it too work.

I am considering the Google “whole house” wi fi, but only thinking about it and reviewing t the reviews on it. I always think “who am I going to call” if something goes wrong, which stops me on a lot of the the new technology items. A lot of the old technology also!

Another item is the security system. We are going to get a new one this year and I am trying to determine what type of new one to get.

As normal, if some of the promises are valid, it would be simple, but I doubt that they do everything they promise to do and I need to be able to call someone local if something goes wrong.

The hypothesis that “anyone can do it” does not apply in my case. I am mechanically challenged and know better than to try to do something mechanical, it always makes it worse.

I can usually do most simple items, as long as I closely follow instructions and know when I am really out of my league and need to call someone.

Friday after Thanksgiving, a vacation day. I plan on enjoying the day!

That’s it for now, Friday, November 24, 2017.

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