2017 Fall November 25 Saturday

50 degrees this morning, walk 35:10 minutes

Weather seemed relatively mild during my walk. Weather yesterday (and Thursday) was beautiful, perfect for the holiday weekend.

Pace was 18 seconds longer then my goal. For some reason I thought I was walking at a a faster past, but I have found it is impossible to judge.

May have mentioned, “Nest” is sending me a new Nest thermostat. Of course, shortly after I called and they advised they were sending another one, the defective one started working!

I figure something is wrong with with the one Nest “head” when it didn’t update, so I am going to install the new one.

I did find out it is easy to put the Nest head on, literally just push in or pull out. Of course, right now the “hallway” is the “upstairs” and vice-versa.

I also noticed the new iPhone replacement was losing batter rapidly , so after resetting it several times, and verifying that the battery was going down fast. So I called and they are sending a replacement phone.

Of course, literally minutes this message pops up that the phone is still trying to “restore”. As soon as I stopped it, it stopped drawing the battery.

In the case of the iPhone, I am going to try to, (assuming it still isn’t using battery) rather than mess around with changing phones.

In just one month, it will be Christmas 2018. Pulled in the Thanksgiving/Fall decorations yesterday. We don’t decorate on the outside of the house, at least nothing big.

Listening to “Leonardo Da Vinci” . I was thinking it will be after Chrisms when I finish listening to the book.

So far it has been an interesting book about someone I know very little about. I am always amazed about how so many of the recognized geniuses displayed their brilliance early.

I have to assume the environment was there for them to flourish.

That’s it for today, Saturday, November 25, 2017

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