2017 Fall November l Sunday

40 degrees this morning, walk 35:43 minutes

Cool walk this morning, slightly overdressed for the temperature, but I noticed the cold anyway!

Pace was 28 seconds slower than my goal,, but at least I am walking! I’m not too worried about my “pace” during the winter, it normally is slower due to the heavier clothing and the cold.

It has been a great Holiday weekend and the best thing is it still has one day!

As usual, I had great plans to just eat until I got full, which I promptly did not follow, so I ate too much. It all tasted so good I had to try everything and then go back for more!

I don’t really think it is all that bad, although to follow the “feast and famine” pattern, I now need to fast for at least 12 hours !

Overall, just a good holiday weekend in addition to the food.

Reading a book where the author emphasizes that change and habits are frequently changed by small, short spurts, not trying to do everything at once.

In this case, he was trying to explain how “busy people get things done” and it basically was by making use of short periods of time, “eating the elephant one bite at a time”. so to speak.

This allows you to get something done, even it is just a little, instead of waiting for a substantial block of time (that you probably will never have), it makes use of small blocks of time for reading or whatever.

In addition, reading a small amount of information allows you to absorb what you learned and provide a base for additional information, rather than have one long information dump that you probably won’t absorb anyway.

I have been using this for some time, and I think it is effective, except I have to use it even more and try not to allow a lot of short time segments to be “piddling time”.

The book provided some refinements I can gradually try to incorporate into my routine, on a gradual basis of course!

Of course, having short segments of time when you can just relax are important also.

Also read about how to approach exercise (especially as you get older). While I exercise some already (walking, weights), I want to start on some other short exercises for balance etc.

Again, the concept of “balance” and incremental advancement rather then trying to do everything at once is important, especially for physical exercise.

Going to enjoy my last day of a 4 day holiday! While I do enjoy my job, I was ready for a 4 day weekend!

Thats it for now, Sunday, November 26, 2017.

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