2017 Fall November 27 Monday

55 degrees this morning. 35:32 minute walk

Walk seemed cooler than 55 degrees this morning when I first started. I am always surprised how much the “actual” temperature can vary with the same temperature!

Pace was 19 seconds slower than my goal pace.

The long awaited 4 day weekend is over, back to work today. Like any long awaited event, it seemed to speed by. It was a good weekend overall.

Aliene is still on a walker/scooter etc. and can’t walk on her foot. Hopefully this Friday she will get she sort of walking cast. It as beenn a long time since October 20 (when she fractured her foot).

The whole thing emphasized to me just how fragile our life can be. If I got an injury like that I literally couldn’t do my job, at least the “field” part of it.

Aliene did an amazingly amount of her normal activities completed. She will be so glad to be able to walk again.

I am reading a book (don’t recall the title) which emphasizes both body and financial health as you get older. While I already knew a lot of the information, it contained some real nuggets of information.

I marked (not literally) some of the information I wanted to go back and implement.

Fortunately the public library here adopted a more liberal book check time, so I have plenty of time to review the books and can buy them later if I really need too.

Some of it concerned eating, which I already knew but need to keep reminding myself, as far as what to eat and not eat, much of it contained informant on habits.

While I exercise some (especially walking, and weights), I am well aware I need to expand my exercise some.

I have avoided “exercise” such as calisthenics and balancing exercises ever since high school because I thought they were boring and possible did more harm than good. While I liked to walk (and used to jog), bicycle, and lift weights, I limited my calisthenics type exercises to sit-ups (40 per day).

After reading the book, I probably will need to reconsider and possibly even get a trainer who has a knowledge of older people. I still don’t plan on doing any calisthenics but a training probably can provide better ways of using weights, machines etc.

No problems right now, but I want to avoid them. I recently had several (fortunately short-lived) aches and pains, probably resulting from sitting in one position too long and an increased amount of driving and sitting in my new territory. That scared me enough I want to prevent any such future pains and aches as long as possible!

I can remember when I was young, I always heard people around my parents say “if you have your health, you have everything” and I can understand that now!

While I can’t prevent aging, I can try to deal with some of the effects of it!

That’s it for now, Monday, November 27, 2017.

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