2017 Fall November 28 Tuesday

60 degrees this morning, windy. Walk 34:52 minutes

A “cold” 60 degrees this morning! When I first started walking, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue based on how cold the wind made it feel. Fortunately, within a few hundred yards I was active enough to at least not notice how cold it seemed.

Pace was 6 seconds faster than my goal, which is good. I’m not sure how much the perception of being cold helped! That is actually about 25 seconds a mile faster than I have been walking.

I have been writing (at least since yesterday) on the need to evaluate my exercise (and eating) patterns.

A Faithful Reader (FR) commented I might try interval training, at least for part of my exercise. A good idea and I am going to slowly incorporate this into my routine.

I probably will make it a separate routine, although I am still thinking about the best way to do it Since it is only about 20 minutes, it seems I could find 20 minutes in the day!

I’m debating incorporating in my walk, except I have found that routine valuable. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t improve on it, but I’ll need to think about it. I may use the back half of my walk for the interval training.

As usual, the main thing is to do something, even if it is wrong! I can always change it.

Also, I have been reading a book/s on changing my pattern in eating, (a recommendation from the same Faithful Reader!) I will report on it here and my results on it I am still waiting on one book from the library on it. and have downloaded one I need to start reading again!

I plan on start listening to “Dark Money”, the book about the influence of the massive amount of money in politics.

I read where a Senator or Representative was basically saying he didn’t like the tax bill, but their “donors” had said either pass it (with the billions of dollars of tax $ shoveled to them on the backs of the low and middle class) or the “spigot will be turned off”.

Strange, I thought this was what an illegal bribe was, “pay for play”, where money is “donated” in return for specific legislation that rips off other taxpayers for the benefit of a company or individual.

Also, the threat to “turn off the spigot” if specific legislation isn’t passed is extortion and both parties should be in jail instead of wasting billions of tax dollars at the lying coward clown lunatic’s hotels and “resorts”.

Anyway, I am going to start concentrating on gradually changing my exercise and eating patterns. I have found I do much better with incremental changes.

Speaking of changes, December of 2017 is almost here and we are currently in that period when major changes or projects are postponed with the “after the holiday’s” decisions!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

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