2017 Fall Decemer

2017 Fall November 30 Thursday

42 degrees this morning, 35:17 minute walk.

Actually felt relatively warm this morning. Dressed way too warm for the actual weather, regardless of what the temperature said.

I think air was a lot dryer this morning, yesterday the moisture in the air definitely made it feel cooler.

This was one of those few mornings when I had to tell myself “one step at a time” or “you eat an elephant one spoon full at a time”etc. Not sure what the difference is, but t least most moorings I am positive about the entire walk

In spite of that, my pace was 17 seconds slower than my goal, which actually is relatively good lately.

My current goal is probably correct, since I meet it, but not too otern.

Yesterday, I mentioned my concerns about “privatization”, at least the concept that privatization is good overall It is good for some things, but not all.

It isn’t quite as bad as some of the “public-private partnerships” I have seen lately where the public pays all the costs and the private entity gets all the benefits.

Not the way it is supposed to work, but…. too many times that is the result.

Still haven’t gotten my Nest Thermostat. I don’t blame Next, I think the problem is with FedEx. A perfect example of a company that has gotten too big and /or hasn’t handled the growth.

Just heard a comment that one problem with internet shopping is “too much choose? The theory is that they’re is so much choice, the customer can’t make a decision.

Winter will still official not be here for 20 days or snow, but it is coming, Of course, what is so bad about that, is that Winter officially lasts for another 3 months!.

While Winter isn’t that bad here, it still….

The “new” Camry will soon have 50,000 miles on it I am alway wondering at what point a new car becomes “old”. It is definitely a gradually processī, but one day you suddenly look at an item and realize it is old or at least no longer “new”.

Of course I have a lot of clothes and other items that I suddenly realizedI have had for 30 years. Don’t mean I’m not going to keep using them, but surprised on how long I have had them!

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 30, 2017ll

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