2017 Fall December 1 Friday

47 degrees this morning, no walk (schedule)

Hopefully today Aliene will get her cast off, or at least get some sort of walking cast so she can walk without a walker.

We both are hoping anyway. Of course, what is, is, we will deal with whatever it is.

Thank goodness many years ago, the Supreme Court, or whomever it was, decided that the VCR was legal. The ability to speed through advertisements (or the lying coward clown lunatic’s and his coward follower’s lies etc.) is wonderful.

Of course, who really knows how this affected life in America. I assume even without it being “legal”, someone would have figured out a way to do it anyway, or at least hopefully.

We actually literally don’t watch anything “live”, except perhaps some of the news shows that are on as background as much as anything.

I mentioned that this morning because I sat down to watch a replay of “Mad Money” which I deleted when Cramer started his kow towing to the lying coward clown lunatic.

He stated about how the lying coward clown lunatic’s lying about how he was “responsible” for the stock market, was good for the stock market, just disgusted me. I probably won’t watch him for awhile now, I don’t really have any sympathy for anyone who feels the lying racist sexist coward clown lunatic lies are good for anything.

I just feel like he is providing credibility to someone who lies, tears down other people with vicious personal lies and is a disaster for the country. I will certainly never vote for any of the kow towing coward Senators and Representative who cowardly kow tow to him and vote to shovel tax dollars to their donors and special interests. What a bunch of greedy cowards.

I am doing something I am trying now to do, which is use this means of communication to vent, but I get enraged about the greedy cowards who are supposedly “running” the country and are just stealing all they can while they can.

Of course, I realize extremism always gets a reaction the other way, but extremism on either side isn’t good.

As far as the tax cut for the big donors, big companies, the “2 %” and special interests and lobbyists (and the lying coward clown lunatic who is activity contacting Senators and Representatives to get special tax cuts for himself), if it is going to pass anyway, I hope it passes soon enough that everyone will realize what criminals the cowards who support the bill are and are voted out at the next election.
Anyway, enough of that. On the positive side, both the lying coward clown lunatic and his coward supporters in Congress (and the bill shoveling money to special interests) are at all time low ratings, so most people realize what is happening, now if they just vote at future elections!

That’s it for now, Friday, December 1, 2017.

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