2017 Fall December 3 Sunday

47 degrees this morning, 35:16 minute walk

Coolish this morning. I dressed relatively lightly and was chilly for first few minutes but warmed up.

I am concerned I may have the beginning s of a head cold, but I don’t know for sure. Doing everything possible to make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

Pace was 22 seconds slower than my goal pace. I will need to keep working on my pace.I have a hard time judging my pace while I am walking.

Unpacked the replacement “Nest” Thermostat and was dismayed to realized I had to disconnect and reconnect some wiring. Nothing said in any of the instructions about this.

There are actually two parts, the “head” and then some gizmo you screw into the wall. (It is actual a backing of some soret.)

Called “support” and was on hold, tried to “chat” and was 67th in line, so I guess they have a lot of problems. It is nice when it works.

Finally, I just replaced the “head” part and that seemed to be where the problem was. I doubt I will buy any more Nest products unless i get a maintenance agreement to go along with them. or someone I know is available and relatively inexpensive to deal with the installation and problems.

I learned long ago it is better if I don’t even try to deal with wires and other mechanical operations. It is a disaster if I try.

Time to get the HVAC checked again. That is always a hassle until you find the right company. The first time, we got what we considered a huge bill, some kind of computer printout and a sales job on a new HVAC system.

Last year the HVAC was inspected, but he was a one-person shop and while he knew the basics, but didn’t pick up on a vibration that caused some problems later in the winter.

It is always a problem finding a reliable person or company to do work the house needs. A good reason for me to learn to do it myself, but I think that is hopeless. I won’t go into the history when I tried to do something in any way related to mechanical etc.

Suffice it to say I almost flunked “shop” in high school and things haven’t improved since!

I think every Winter and Summer, I am amazed at how long some of the items (for example) that I use on my walk.

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 3,2017.

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