2017 Fall December 4 Monday

65 degrees this morning, walk 35:33 minutes

Dressed a little warm this morning, I think psychologically it is difficult to deal with the reality in the change of the temperature.

I still feel that 65 degrees is a lot colder in December than it is in June.

Looking for the “super moon” this morning, it was obscured by clouds passing over.
Every time I see the clouds “moving over” the moon, I think of the Stephen King novel where he mentions as “the clouds passed over the full moon, the salesman stupidly picked up the hitchhiker”.

Of course you can imagine what the hitchhiker did to the Sales person!

Pace was 33 seconds slower than my goal, which is not good when it is that much slower.

Recently I had an e-mail from a Faithful Reader about “interval training”, where you exercise hard for a brief period, then slower, than hard again etc. There is even at least one (and probably more apps for interval training, and probably the Apple Watch has a program for it. I”ll check on hot.

I was trying to find a time to put it into my routine. I have found I will continue something if I can get into a schedule so I was trying to decide when to do to it.

I didn’t really want to change my daily walk, since I like the routine.

By chance a book I was reading (on financial and health aspects of aging), mentioned in passing interval training 3x a week is enough and it clicked when I can fit it into my routine.

“Intense” exercise at first might be rather slow, but what the heck, I’ll be getting started and I have 3 x a week when I can schedule it. The book mentioned 21 minutes and I can schedule 21 minutes 3x a week. Actually it will probably be about 40 minutes by the time I warm up and cool down etc. I probably will do it on the exercise bike for right now. I have four days I can schedule it so I should be able to do it 3 x per week.

Also started recording my weight on “My Fitness Pal” and what I eat. Regardless of the eating pattern I use, I will record what I eat. I say “eating pattern” since I want establish a permanent “eating pattern”, not a “diet” which to me implies it is short term.

First of the month which means I will have a pile of new assignments at work. Actually, I love it it is like opening presents, I have a entire list of new assignments which is alway interesting.

That’s it for now, Monday, December 4, 2017.

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