2017 Fall December 5 Tuesday

38 degrees this morning. No walk due to schedule.

Almost 30 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. That wasn’t the reason I’m skipping my walk this morning, but it would be a good reason!

The official start of Winter is now only about two weeks away, I may as well get used to the cold weather.

We are planning on a “warm weather” break from Winter this year, which will be a welcome break.

Years ago, I took a short trip to Arizona in the dead of Winter and the warm weather made a major difference in my spirits for the whole season, maybe realizing that there is warm weather somewhere!

In my work, I have frequent contact with people starting their private business, along with people who have started their own business and now realize how much work it is (and unfortunately, in many cases, they realize it isn’t going to work out).

I mentioned recently about the “energy” I felt on a college campus, or at a high school setting.

In may ways, persons who are starting their own company have the same sense of energy, a feeling of unlimited possibilities.

Starting your own business is a leap of faith for many, a chance to achieve their dreams, either because it is something they like doing, the idea that they are working for themselves and not someone else, or simply the goal os not be limited by working fro a wage.

I don’t know what the failure rate for new businesses are, I know it is high. For the most part, most of the people who decide (or have it decided for them) that they can’t continue their business, it is sad, but I also note that many entrepreneurs are already looking forward to the next business opportunity.

On the other hand, there are some persons who start a business who realize it isn’t for them, and many times I see relief they are getting out, but, at the same time, a feeling that at least they tried their dream.

I noted the most successful are persons who have started small, and were successful and gradually expanded their business, many now highly successful. What I noted most was the successful ones are doing something they love to do anyway.

Probably the most frequent problems I see are failure to accurately forecast the demand (or lack thereof) for the product or service, or failure to realize just how brutal the competition is or can be, and just how much work your own business really is.

I have been lucky there in all my jobs, I have been able to do something I enjoy while generally working independently, something I need.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

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